Japan/Hokkaido discussion thread

Perhaps Himmapan Horror? It’s most likely coming Halloween which would certainly make sense when compared to the version numbers.


Halloween Elusive: Jack Torrance

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I’m kinda hoping that they make an Ezra Berg / Michael Myers outfit available as an unlockable outfit as the prize for a Halloween challenge pack. Makes you hostile everywhere (except Colorado). Letting us dress up as Berg everywhere would justify getting no opportunities that involve dressing up as him in Colorado, which must have been cut for time.

I dont like this because targets are like uniq npc but when you can UNLOCK them suits its just a npc you have to kill

Man, Mr Robot’s second season would have been a million times more interesting if it was based on you. I’m dead serious.

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what do you think guys about map size?

i hope it wont be small like stupid map colorado


I think it will be quite big, but more so vertically than horizontally. There are seemingly 4 floors to the hospital as seen when 47 walks past the elevator, and the map looks quite big above ground. We shall see :slight_smile:


i hope. cuz bangkok and colorado are not quite big.

True, but at the same time that’s the way ever Hitman game goes. Big maps mixed with small maps. Due to the fact that IO have said that this mission tests everything you have learned so far, I doubt we’ll be disappointed.


I just hope that we’ll have some good vantage points outside the hospital. We can see at least one in the trailer. And since it’s the long awaited return of the WA2000, the least they can do is to give us some great sniping opportunities. Bangkok and Colorado have been lacking in that regard.


There is an elevator? I must not have payed much attention. Will we actually getting working elevators and elevator fibre wire kills back at last??


Weird, I see there’re quite a number of sniping vantage points in Colorado.

Oh you mean here? Are you sure this is an elevator?

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Its either an elevator or a stairwell, but I hope its an elevator. I miss those “hanged by fibre wire” kills lol


Looks more like a regular door to me. The arrow in the white circle on the right of the door points up, so I guess there’s stairs behind.

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Yeah but at the same time, IO have said this hospital has cutting-edge technology within it. So what? They couldn’t afford elevators for a 4 or 5 storey building? :stuck_out_tongue:


A hospital not accessible for people in wheelchairs or on crutches would be pretty weird indeed.
Then again, it was already weird in Bangkok.


If there isn’t a elevator this hospital sucks ass! What about the patients in a wheelchair? Throw them down the stairs? Don’t fuck this up IO, please.


It would be rediculous to not have elevators in a hospital especially one with “cutting edge technology”. I guess we will find out but I won’t be shocked to see nothing but stairs again. I think there is some technical reason they can’t add them which in 2016 is a joke if that’s the case.