Japan/Hokkaido discussion thread

Probably something physics related again.


Yeah they can’t stop them flying into the air like in Charlie and the chocolate factory.


according to some chatter apparently a second team was brought in to work on eps 4 and 5. while the primary team was responsible for 1 2 3 and 6.

so if they’ve been working on it sonce may it is very possible they worked out some of the core issues. so i wouldnt be too surprised if we get both elevator and briefcase


You know the hospital will probably have elevators… that 47 won’t be able to use. It’s been more than 6 months and we still don’t have a briefcase because they can’t make it work with the physics… How long do you they’ll need to make an elevator?

Anyway who really cares, you guys focus so much on these details that you lose sight of what really matters.

Nothing to see here, just a drawing I made when I was bored from a still from the Season Finale trailer…and before you say it, yes 47’s face sucks.


Here you have a really cool Fan Art thread Hitman Fan Art. Every attempt is a good drawing in my opinion, nothing good or bad unless someone is striving for photorealism, peoples individual drawing style can be just as fascinating.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Not mine, my drawing style is fucking ridicilous

The scene in the teaser with the katana has 47 walking up a ramp just like this.

No way are we getting elevators in episode 6.


I guess we will have to wait and see, I hope your wrong though because no elevators in a high tech facility is just silly.

I don’t think elevators will be a season 1 feature. I think ioi should add them and human sheild for season 2.

I don’t think they are no elevators because they don’t want them. It must be an engine problem.

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I think you’re right but how can this be the case when they had them in blood money how can they have gone backwards like that.

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Its just gonna take time. They would have to do quite a few animations for it if they added wire kills and hatch escapes with elevators. Right now they are focused on getting the missions ready in time

Wait what did I miss where are the wire kills?

That would be the fiberwire

He’s saying io will have to make more animations for the classic fiber wire from the service hatch on the elevator. There aren’t new wire kills (sadly).

Because when you make a game engine, unless you have created it cleanly and with modularity in mind, adding anything to it would cause severe stability problems, often resulting in a myriad of bugs needing revision.

Not to mention like @Osiris said, it’s quite involved. There’s a lot of work actually involved specifically with elevators.

As of right now, 47 has no fall animation physics as well. So there’s also the design problem of how to deal with gravity and 47 as well.


I’ve been playing since March and I can pretty much confirm I’ve never seen a wire.


Oh I know what he’s saying.

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