Japan/Hokkaido Mega thread

What we know so far:
Mission name: Situs inversus
Briefing: The Board has extraordinarily sanctioned ERICH SODERS for termination.

Following up on your discovery in Colorado, our analysts confirm that a large sum of money was recently deposited to a secret off-shore bank account in Soders’ name.

Not only that, but Soders was mysteriously fast-tracked for critical heart surgery at the hyper-exclusive Gama private hospital in Hokkaido, Japan. Such a display of influence has Providence written all over it.

Soders suffers from a rare condition, Situs Inversus, where his internal organs are reversed. He desperately needs a right-sided heart transplant and has clearly betrayed our Agency to get it. He was admitted late last night and is currently being prepped for pre-surgery. You will enter the hospital as a patient and terminate him during the procedure.

You will also need to eliminate YUKI YAMAZAKI; a Tokyo lawyer who works for Providence.

Soders has already provided Ms. Yamazaki with the names of our Board of Directors and she expects a full list of active ICA operatives, post operation. This, of course, cannot be allowed to happen.

This mission is regrettable, yet necessary 47. Soders must pay for his treachery and his insidious employers must be taught a lesson. ICA’s sovereignty is at stake. Powerful as Providence may be, we need to draw a line in the sand.

I will leave you to prepare.
Full target list:
Eric Soders
Yuki Yamazaki
Sarajevo six:

Controller aka Client

Area is going to be a Hospital

Screenshots from trailer:

Some kinda stab weapon

47 signature suit with Gloves

47 Disguised as guard

Some kinda Server room(?)

47 with his Classic signature sniper from older games: W2000

Protably Yuki Yamazaki

Doctor disguise confirmed (?)


Reversed organs. I actually like this story.


Would be nice if the last Sarajevo six target was actually worth playing. I’m really looking forward to Japan and hope it’s the best one yet.


Everything about this episode excites me. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much because of how I’ve felt about past episodes pre and post release but I feel like they’re going to pull out all the stops for this one. The Sarajevo Six contract looks appealing and should be great if there aren’t any bad bugs released with the level.

Just out of pure speculation, I can see it going down this way: 47 “sneaks” in as a patient. We begin in the waiting room, blending into a chair reading a magazine. From there we get up and can sneak into the restricted staff portion of the hospital, disguising as janitors, nurses, specialists and surgeons. There will probably be an opportunity to get admitted into a doctor’s office where you can subdue him and take his disguise unnoticed. We will probably be given the option to perform surgery on Soders by having him brought into the Surgery Room and then being left alone to operate, where there will be a brief in-game cinametic moment where Soders realizes you are there to kill him and he dies in fear. As for the other accidents and optional opportunities I have no idea, but that’s how I imagine the episode going down. The ending cutscene is what really has me excited. Even though they are way too short, they are awesome and so well done!

What doesn’t excite me are the unlocks…I am terrified of what they are going to give us for mastery and whether or not they will rival, surpass, or be worse anything else we’ve received so far. I pray to the old gods and the new that we receive creative silenced weapons of the most sinister nature.


i bet 47 can disguise as a surgeon and pull the plug on soders as an “accident” kill. that would be pretty cool.

also the story is dope as fuck


Soders is in Hospital because Heart transplant :wink:
Just like Deewana Ji in Terminal Hospitality

This is the last mission this season I really hope they end with a bang and make it a good one. The location has the potential to create some really cool opportunities I hope they don’t waste this.

I really want kill Soders during surgery with Scalpel​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: So nostalgik


The location in screenshot doesn’t look like a hospital to me, I thought it was a village :confused:

That is just concept art

hopefully, the hospital setting sounds far more appealing.

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Its Hospital. Dont worry

Holy shit Hospital??

Definitely Remain me of Terminal Hospitality.

This is gonna be awesome mission IMHO. Already got the feel is going to be very dark mission.


And the target will have heart transplant like target in Terminal Hospitality :heart_eyes:

Come on, it’s Hitman…

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The spoiler I want is: when are we getting this map?


Same I really wish we found out release dates sooner I hate not knowing things haha.


I thought there was supposed to be another mission after Japan, as a season finale?

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We have a bonus mission like the icon and a house built on sand still to come but apart from that Japan is the final mission.

Is Japan or last bonus mission coming first?