Jesper Kyd - Bigger conspiracy - 47 more mature and focused

Good afternoon!

First off all, many thanks for this opportunity, and I would like to express my sincerity what in my point of view is missing for a while in the Hitman games.

First I would like to give my appreciation to the entire IO Interactive team for the excellent work that they did in this last game, it is exceptional, congratulations!

A lot has been said in this forum about improvements that can be made in terms of the game, but there are some aspects, that in my point of view would be interesting to keep in mind - also shared by many fans of the game.

Game Environment - Sound

As much as the dynamics in terms of engine and gameplay have changed, you feel the lack of sound that was present in Hitman 4: Blood Money, the sound made by Jesper Kyd. I do not understand why he did not return to the game, it would be great for the game and for the fans, who await his return. He always understood what elements are necessary for the game environment and the character 47.

Check out the excellent work that he did on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

It would be interesting to make the music more dynamic during the level passing the feeling of the music level to the player.

Weapons and updates

The idea of ​​playing the level in several ways is interesting, but it would be more interesting if in each completed objective was given a value in money, making it possible for the player to be free to make the updates freely.

When replaying the level, more value would be added, providing a more complete arsenal for the next level.

History mode

Much has been said about the past of the 47 and about the ICA it is time to move on. As a small agency 47 and Diana can make private contracts similar to what happens at the first level of Hitman Blood Money - Death Of A Showman - which can lead to a history of bigger conspiracy.

Random Contracts would be a good idea - It would be interesting to make a contract regarding a friendship from Diana’s past - or Father Vittorio or someone related to him.

By this I mean, that it is important that the player gets the feeling that leads him to make the contracts - which motivates him to play and replay each level. It would also be interesting to make the relationship between 47 and Diana more deeper even if it is at distance and she remains his Handler.

47 has changed a lot but it is necessary not to lose the dark and relentless side of the character - that’s why the musical side of the level is important (Jesper Kyd), on the other hand, I would like to see a character a little more mature - a little older and more focused.

Other improvements

It would be interesting if we went back to having a place where 47 plans his missions - like a hiding place - that could be different depending on where the mission is located. The idea of ​​seeing him in third person with his laptop preparing the mission, would be interesting.

Sorry for my English, for not being perfect
My thanks.