John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum




Beat me to it :joy: just texted my besties the link haha. Brilliant choice of song! Can’t wait for this.


yea boiiiiii :heart: The entire trilogy will have to be my favorite action movie saga. Can’t wait to see it :star_struck:


That’s probably the Bourne series for me, with MI right behind it. John Wick is kinda in a league of its own though.


Agreed! love the Bourne series as well but John Wick will have a special place in my heart. I remember the time when i was watching the 1st part for the first time and kinda expected an average shoot-em up love story but i was pleasantly blown away by the cinematography, realistic action and awesome music.

Then part 2 came and i became a fanatic of the entire lore of the John Wick universe :laughing:


John Wick, the assassin who’s killed hundreds more men since he retired than while he was working. lol


I’ve been wanting to watch these (John Wick movies) for a while now. Also the Equalizer. Although I’m thinking the JW films will be a lot better.


I know right, can you imagine how many he’s killed in the three movies combined. It’s a good job all the hitmen wait their turn to shoot him right or he’d be fucked.


Hmm… music choice is a clue.

This is the one that ends with: “maybe John Wick died… maybe he didn’t”…

Logic: Maybe the makers want to “end it here” and then play off people missing the character for a surprise return later on (because there’s nothing else planned and Keanu needs a break)… or just do prequels or something later on… but if they “end it here” they have a trilogy that will stand alone, never to risk being polluted by a blatant sequel… They allow John Wick to leave with the audience wanting.

The song is the warning… :stuck_out_tongue: John Wick must die… or appear to die…while reaching for “the unreachable star”.

Reply back after seeing it if I’m right. :wink:


May is going be one good month. You have Avengers Endgame coming out at the end of April, then somewhere in May you got Godzilla King of Monsters and after John Wick.


That sounds like a damn good theory; I’d sign off on it if I were making the film.


Also in a bit of wish fulfillment for @badeaguard
assuming Part 3 is the “John Wick died” movie…

then at E3 2022 or 2023… IOI unveil gameplay of a new assassin themed game and the demo starts with your character being revived in a hospital …

Voice: “Get up!.. they’re going to want a piece of you again when they find out you’re still alive.”

…and when you step in front of those Glacier powered working mirrors.

…Your character is… John Wick!



I want a suit like John Wick’s. A black jacket, shirt and tie. It would be awesome if in season 3 they have a beagle pup for you to interact with.


Can we also get a tab in the scoreboard in HITMAN 3 similar to this infographic panel for John Wick 2?


Looks great. Not sure about the title. I don’t know why they felt the need to call John Wick 2, John Wick Chapter 2. And now we’ve got John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. What’s the fourth film gonna be called? John Wick Chapter 4: Excommunicated Part 1?

Still, looks pretty promising. I dunno, I’m not sure I’d want this to end on a trilogy, but then saying that, I suppose in that regard I’d just want the same directors to stay on for John Wick 4 and 5 etc. According to Wikipedia, apparently there are already many plans to try and make this a big franchise, a spin-off film called The Ballerina is in development. Apparently that was its own thing but they want to tie it in with John Wick. Apparently some sort of talk about having John Wick and Atomic Blonde have a crossover. And finally, there is the TV series The Continental which is in development, and Keanu Reeves will appear in it in some way.


For me the first 2 parts seemed overdone. Totally unrealistic. Every guy going up against him looks so inexperienced, and the villian leads have no problem leaving John with just 2-3 guards while he is tied up, even when they are mighty afraid of him.
It seems off that a person (even a skilled assassin) can take out all those people in an open firefight and come out alive. If he would have done it Hitman style, one at a time, stealthily, it would have been believable. And if it was Hitman put in John’s situation, it would have been okay to see him kill all the guys and come out unscathed, since he’s genetically engineered for that. But a normal assassin? Meh.
I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but discussing John Wick on Hitman Forum… Seems to undermine Hitman. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s definitely far-fetched. Similar to movies like The Transporter, it veers strongly into action-fantasy. But once I accepted that, I liked it. Its style and Keanu Reeves’ natural cool factor sold me on it.

Despite 47’s genetic engineering, my ideal Hitman movie would be more realistic than John Wick.


My favorite assassin type things tend to be more like SURVIVOR and TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. The sublime tension of mobile phone screens, suspicious people doing sideways glances, “when does he pull the trigger?” type of things.

Oh and I also really liked THE SPECIALIST, which is the inspiration for many of my strategies in HITMAN - the kind of Mission Impossible gadgets and bombs kills.


but most of them are compared to him, I thought that was the point?


I meant… When they know the other person is a master assassin, they could have acted smarter with their approach. I watched it a long time ago so I don’t remember specific instants, but overall it felt like they just put themselves in his path to be shot.