John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum


@David47… Director and Summit says… “Part 3 is the end…”

But remember… my card says “John Wick Dies, or Appears to have Died”… it’s the only way to “box set” this trilogy in a fitting way. It has to be somehow: The End.

Some fans think he can’t die because “How will he mourn Helen?” Well as the noose closes in, John will be thinking about re-uniting with Helen… and fans will grab the edge of their seats wondering if they’re about to lose John forever.

It’s just soooo good… I can imagine all the JW fans sobbing their manly tears… hahahaha…

They just HAVE to try this. :stuck_out_tongue:



That mortorcycle chase scene looks alot like movie ‘the villainess’


Love The Equalizer (first film). Yes, I’m one of the few that prefers it over John Wick films.

Note: I’m a John Wick fan as well just prefer the Equalizer methodology more. Also, in both cases the second film for each weren’t as strong.

Side note: does anyone know of updated news on the Hulu Hitman series (exec produced by the John Wick creator/writer?)


Unpopular opinion.

I’m not a huge fan of John Wick movies. I just watch for the action. Sorry.


I agree with this, it does bug me sometimes but it’s just a movie. In real life with that amount of people attacking him at once he’s be dead pretty quickly. That doesn’t make for a very good movie though if the lead dies two minutes in.


You know how PAYDAY 2 put John Wick in their game as a playable character, and you can briefly see the PAYDAY masks in John Wick 2? I’m betting that in John Wick 3 there’ll be a moment where there’s someone playing Fortnite or something along those lines.

There is a little part of me that’s hoping that isn’t the case, though.


That makes two of us, I don’t understand the appeal of this game at all.


Agreed. I see people playing it and just don’t get why it’s so popular. It looks like Saturday morning cartoon trash.