Well, nobody’s forcing ya :man_shrugging:t3:

That’s the spirit! Good luck, initiate!

And yes @Tekno1 Master difficulty… this is the Ark Society after all lol

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You dont need Silent Assassin, you just need to have the tracker on

None. It just seems to be required

Yes it would (still kill him though with the necklace that’s the requirement) of course it will technically take away SA I just figured with the tracker on it would help. Because obviously you wouldn’t get SA in game, but I consider it SA if one completes all objectives without getting cover blown, spotted etc… that’s all I meant by that, sorry if there was any confusion.

Basically, as long as you do everything in the “Rules” posted in the OP successfully, I (personally) count it as SA

just don’t kill anybody else who I don’t have marked as a target. And the one and ONLY KO that you are allowed to do is the Master of Ceremonies. That’s it! As long as you do all that without getting caught or bodies found, you’re golden.

Don’t forget to make the poll immediately after posting your run (if successful)

Good Luck!

So this is like freemasonry, one blackball and you’re out?

But when you kill Blake, the SA Tracker goes red, so none could check if you get spotted afterwards

He will watch your entire run. CLOSELY
It’s an Ark Society initiate ritual.
Can’t be contract mode because it needs to be Master difficulty.

Screenshots were allowed so…

Ok buddy, you get all this in a Screenshot and I’ll “show you a green dog.” Lazlo ~ Vice City



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Lol well not everyone makes or has access to make videos so I was just trying to keep it fair for allowing screenshots. Obviously videos are more preferable, but hey…

It’s just supposed to be a fun little challenge. If people that post screenshots say they successfully completed everything, I will take their word for it. Why would anyone lie? It’s just for fun :grin:

The SA tracker is more for the player (for the beginning) in case they mess up early on and don’t waste their time going further.

Videos or screenshots. Up to you. I trust you guys. Plus, and most importantly, even if you successfully complete EVERYTHING, you still have to make the poll and get more “aye” votes. So completing everything doesn’t automatically make you a Member lol

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Alright. To maintain some dignity for myself here lol this will be the third and LAST time I bump this thread. If nobody does the challenge, might as well just close this thread. Shame, I thought this thread would catch on :sweat_smile:

Well, if anyone wants to give it a go, that would be cool!

Sorry mate your challenge is too f****** hard, this is why nobody plays it


Well come on… no attempts at least? Lol

Sure, it’s challenging. But this is the freaking Ark Society!! :joy:

At least give it a single try is all I’m asking haha

You can KO him. But only him. Nobody else.

Yeah well, I thought it was a fun little challenge. :sweat_smile:

I tried but i was stuck at KO the master of ceremonies seriously no ko and in master this is impossible :joy:

I try it after the weekend

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I’ll try it later :slight_smile: