Allowing plebs who can’t afford a video card capable of recording ingame footage into your elitist society is a bummer. That’s almost like…let me think of a worthy real life comparison…maybe like electing some upstart imposter black girlies your new leaders.

I want to do this so much and will try in the next week or so. This seems very difficult and no idea how I’ll go about it but I’ll give it a shot

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Nice! Glad to hear someone saying they will at least attempt it lmao

Good Luck to you initiate! :wink:

I Did say I would try it this week but due to unforeseen events i’m unable to do that I will try next week

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Oh that’s right, now I remember you saying that lol okay great! In that case, good luck to both of you. :smiley:

I changed the op since so many people were against some of the conditions.

Please re-read it and hopefully this will make more people attempt it, good luck!!

And please read carefully before playing.

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Is this disguise specific? Does it have to be in the Master of Ceremonies disguise?

I’ve not even played this level yet, but when I do, I’ll try this challenge!

(Out of curiosity, this is the first time I’ve read this thread, can you tell me the original rules that got everyone so riled up? :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Just saw the rules have changed and I’m relieved but mildly annoyed since I had a plan but this is much more possible and definitely a change for the better

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You had to steal all the items listed, kill blake with the aztec necklace, kill the original 5 ark members, kill the Washington twins, collect 10 tokens, get the master of ceremonies disguise, throw the tokens in the fire pit and ignite it, all on master difficulty, with a silent assassin rating (except from the non target kills but only kill the people mentioned) and no ko’s except from the master of ceremonies. It was difficult but I’m glad it changed


No. As displayed in the rules, only the tasks that show the Disguise are Disguise specific. If there is no mention of it, you can wear anything for that specific task. But remember (also shown in the rules) you can only take Disguises I have listed in the tasks, or Disguises that can be found in laundry bags on the level nothing/nobody else.

Another thing just to clarify, are saves allowed?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just got halfway through my attempt and got to the point where I had to place the burial dagger on the casket in the burial robes. Unfortunately due to the no KO condition except from those specified, it’s impossible to get the robes SA. I tried different methods including setting off explosions and triggering alarms to get them out of the room but there would always be someone in there watching the robes.

If I’m being completely honest, it’s probably better if either A) the condition is changed so that KO’s are allowed in this room or B) the step can be completed in any disguise.
I have footage up until the point that I gave up which shows some of my methods of trying to get them out of the room but since I’m on xbox and the recording only lasts 10 mins it’s quite choppy. Once the footage uploads to onedrive I’ll try post it.

All objectives prior to this are possible and were completed.

You know, I’m not really sure this is worth the effort. I feel like I’ve just been wasting my time because I’m pretty well convinced that this is impossible to complete. Did you complete it yourself before posting it?

Just out of curiosity have you attempted it, if so how far?
I’m curious to know if you’ve done the Janus burial step snd if so how?

You only have to wear the robe when you place the dagger.

And no, I didn’t play THIS one myself (I guess I should have lol) I played the original one but ended up changing it to this and adding this new challenge…

Have you tried a flash grenade or used a bomb near by to get them to go investigate?

(But no, no saves are allowed)

I know the robe is just for placing the dagger but getting the robe is the issue. I didn’t think to try a flash device but I did use explosions. I might try again with a flash device see if it’ll work.

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Give it a shot. Either LIL Flashy robot or grenade. Let me know if that works, and later today I will give it a shot and try it out myself.

I’m sorry, I only added this new challenge without playing it, but I did play the original and it was possible but a lot of people weren’t a fan of it so I changed it to this (I should have tried this one before I added this particular challenge haha)

If it’s not possible, just do it in Any outfit, but I’ll test it myself too before I change the rules just to make double sure. Good luck

Did you also try an unsilenced gun around the corner? Or drop enough guns around them and lure them individually to them so they take them back to a crate? Something should work…

I’ll be sure to try as many of these methods as I can before I do an actual run and I’ll see which one works best.

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Alright. Yeah I can’t check right now I’m at work. I’ll do it as well, later. I’m sure it’s possible, just very tedious it seems lol