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Hello. Welcome to The Ark Society. In this thread (as an “Initiate”) you must complete the following in Hitman 2: Isle of Sgail (see rules below) Once/If you complete the following objectives…you’re still not out of the woods yet.

Immediately after posting your Video or Screenshots of your run (completing) your objectives. You must follow up right away by making an anonymous poll


  • Aye
  • Nay

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Within EXACTLY 24 hours after making the poll, you MUST have more “Aye” votes than “Nay’s”
(In the result of a 50/50 vote, you will automatically be deemed an Ark Member)

Only then will you be eligible for becoming an Ark Member. However, If you have more Nay’s than Aye’s, you will be denied acceptance forever (regardless of successfully completing all of the objectives)

It must be noted that you get only ONE SHOT at this. You either become an Ark Member… or you don’t. If you are denied acceptance, you can NEVER try again. Not a week from then, a month, a year—Even ten years. NEVER AGAIN! (which means you are no longer allowed in this thread)

Ark Members Only!

As an Ark Member, you may use this thread to discuss just about anything with your fellow brothers and sisters. Talk about Hitman, what’s new, etc…(Just follow forum guidelines, obviously.)



Make sure your timer is set for the video/screenshots before playing.

  • You can bring any equipment.

  • You Must START at the HARBOR.

  • Before you do ANYTHING you must FIRST obtain The “Master of Ceremonies” disguise.

  • From there, you must collect TEN (10) Commemorative Tokens (keep all 10 of these. You will need them later!)

  • Then you must steal all of the following; The Golden Idol—All 5 of the “Imperial Filigree Eggs—Janus’ Burial Dagger—AND The Aztec Necklace.

  • Then you must eliminate Blake with the Aztec Necklace.

  • Next you must eliminate BOTH Washington’s (any methods)

  • Then, you must eliminate all 5 of the original members of The Ark Society (also any methods)

  • FINALLY (This objective must be done LAST!!!) you must go to the money pit, Toss all 10 of your tokens inside the pit, then ignite it.

”A handsome pledge, yet a drop in the ocean.”

NOTE: You can change disguises at anytime. BUT you can only wear disguises found on the map. In short; the only person you can KO during this assignment is “The Master of Ceremonies.” Nobody else. Keep in mind though, while igniting the money pit, you MUST be in that disguise. During this entire assignment, you can NOT get spotted by NPC’s or Camera’s, (unless you destroy evidence) Doing so will result in immediate Disqualification! You can also have no bodies found at anytime.

Finally—be sure that the difficulty is on MASTER and the “Silent Assassin Tracker” is set to ON before beginning!

Timer STOPS once you ignite the money pit. Assignment must be done within 1 hour or less. Good luck, Initiates!

Badge of Honor

If you become an Ark Member, please put this emoji beside your Name in your HMF profile :shield: This way, we can easily identify our fellow Ark Members. Wear it with pride! You’re now one of us!


Ummmm. I think only computers can use the timer right?

No. The timer in the game lol just make sure it’s set before playing (for the video and/or screenshots)

Videos are most preferable, since you will have to take screenshots for every action you do in completing the objectives (to prove completion) but either is acceptable!

It’s just more easier and less of a hassle if you upload a video. The choice is yours.

I didn’t realise I could use a timer with PS4. Thanks for the info.

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No problem, man. Hope to see you give this a try!

Oh man, really!? Nobody yet? I thought for sure this thread would be booming… come on guys, this is a chance to become a member of The Ark Society! Lol once in a lifetime opportunity :joy:

I am an Illuminatus, Knight Templar Grandmaster, Master of Three Thieves Guilds, a high ranking member of the Syndicate and a Double 0 agent that is more than enough secrecy for me.


. . . and you run Bartertown?


Yes but secrecy isn’t needed to run a post-apocalyptic township.

Post emu-war township - let’s get things straight.

Well I’m The Duke of New York, A-Number-One… so. Suck it.


…so… is anyone gonna give it a go? :sweat_smile:

I think timing might be an issue, mate. You dropped this game on the day of the update, everyone is out grinding for that Phantom suit, or the Flamingo suit, or trying out the new rules for SA rating…

If you really cared about this game, you needed to pick better timing for it. DO YOU HEAR ME, EA?!?!



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Holy shit, I totally forgot about that lmfao :crazy_face: damn… bad timing, indeed!

Yeah well… this thread will be here when people are ready. No biggie.

So… just bumping this in case anyone is still interested in attempting the challenge lol :tipping_hand_man:

I am :))

Ima maybs do it later todae

Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about it. I’m really into MK11 at the moment and… yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll remember this challenge when I’m next on H2. I guess… we’ll see? :sweat_smile:

Hold on, wtf, master difficulty, all of this when disguised as Master of Ceremonies… Hold on, no, this is kinda rigged… Pass

You can pick up disguises found on the map. The only person allowed to be KO’d is the Master of Ceremonies.

Ah allright. Still, on Master? Nah, pass