Jorge Franco in Blood Money (Ignore, im late as always)


So, Jorge Franco is was working for Don Fernando Xalvado Delgado at some point in his drug lab. So, could this guy be it?

He has a casual shirt, sunglasses, ponytail, same hair color and he keeps snorting his own product. Im assuming this has been already spotted like basically everything else that i keep finding, due to my low patience, focus and high hyperactivity. Anyways, is this a match?


this has already been discussed before, it’s not him.


Figured it had been talked of. Point me to the conversation

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Here we go again…


Here it is.

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The guy in the picture is Rex Stanton’s agent. Unless Franco was moonlight as Hollywood talent agent, it’s a different person.

But hey, know that Nolan Cassidy appeared in the White House mission. We just don’t know which one,of the identical looking Secret Service agents he was. :wink:

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