Judgment video game

Wanted to know if anyone is playing it. I could use some help with completion and I am willing to help others with anything I know. Also wrote a review for it if anyone is on the fence about it.

What do you need? I have done everything but a few drone time trials, go over 100km with drone (I have all parts trophy so my set is max, can’t find any info online for this either).

I have Legendary difficulty left too, and some other minor stuff like the cat trophy, but those I’m just waiting to 100% before doing the next play through.

If you still need help that isn’t the first paragraph I can probably give some advice.

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I have to do the drone races for one. I am considering the drone pack - do those DLC models have good durability? That is really the only thing keeping me from finishing that part.

I finally got a three color straight in mahjong and beat the snot out of Amon this week.I pretty much just have to complete the G.A. Building and do the arcade stuff.

Puyo Puyo is annoying the crap out of me. Gotta fight three more rivals but getting to them is the problem.

Here ya go for the cats:

I have all the hidden trophies escept for Drone League. I am 7 away from making the plat pop.

I hated Puyo until I experimented enough. How I do it is mentally divide the field in half in 3x3. The right side of the screen I just drop all the incoming pieces on top of another until the right 3 columns are full. Unless you’re really unlucky you should get some random matches as you build this giant stack which will keep the opponent at bay.

First priority is always regenerating that right side column. You can stack 1 piece higher than is visible at the top of the playing field.

Second priority is watching the lowest level of your 4th column, which would be empty until your right 3x3 is full. If you can make a match right there at the bottom of that 4th column you’ll most likely get chain matches that will destroy the opponent.

If you cant easily match using column 4 then stack in the far left, column 6. This helps keep your field open in case you dont quickly get colors you need to match in your 3x3 stack.

Once you have the method down it’s then about timing. Matches between opponents only give you points, they don’t attack the opponent and drop the white/grey pieces on them unless they are already moving their own pieces, so you gotta time the attacks so your tower gets matches that destroy them, and then you quickly rebuild while they are floundering before their defeat.

If you really get the method down or the game starts going bad you may have to manage another large column in 5 and 6, though this can lead to either a quick demise or much easier matching.

The main issue I still faced was if the opponent was still able to get constant single matches, which can drop single orbs in your way over and over again which kill your limited play area due to the massive columns.

Appreciate the insight. I have actually been doing pretty much what you say and I only have 2 more rivals to beat. Problem is getting them to show. I think rivals show for specific players, but regardless of who you pick, they are not gonna show a character you need until at least wins 10-15.

Actually rivals are by win amounts. The last is a girl after a whopping 25+ wins in a row.

I’ve now finished everything but my legend/clean up run, except getting the drone over 100km/h for Speed Maniac*. I still have absolutely no clue if the latest update did something, or if I’m just not connecting the dots somewhere, or what the problem is.