July Update Release Notes

Lets hope this is not patented to Splinter Cell.

We do reference the community created public bug tracker. Having anything more official would be a huge undertaking that would require a lot of maintenance on our side. At this point in time (and I don’t see this changing), it’s a case of us not having the people or the time required to do that properly. We already have a comprehensive internal tool that we use to track all of the reported issues.


Oh good! No more of this then. Maybe I’ll go back and work on that Sunglasses at Night contract again… this problem was killing my preferred strat.


So the hidden hand cutsceen outfit is not an issue ?
It’s part of 47’s humour ?

Maybe it just wasn’t as urgent as the other fixes?
Developers have to prioritize.

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Well, it still not fixed…
Also I think HP level of 47 still too high (normal difficulty)


just a quick question. did you guys notice the proximity mine and c4 are bugged? it always emit a noise even thiugh it shouldnt.

or is this a change in design intended?

Here’s what Unconscious Witness prompt looks like now.


how was that before?

“Unconscious” and "Witness were on the same line before. Now it seems like a little weird given what it used to be.


Went around in Landslide with a bat and the combat feels WAY better now. regeneration time seems to be multiple times slower than before and the frequency of shots are like 50% higher now. Wouldn’t mind if it stays that way.


What’s it like in comparison to pre-June?

Sounds promising :smiley: waiting for a video to see how close it is tweaked to the vanilla Hitman 2016 :flushed:.

Enemies’ pistols now seem more lethal than the last updates but less than that of pre-june updates.


looks weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


imo this would be fine if they brought back the kevlar vest and 47 was wearing it. i still think 47 soaks up too many bullets without the kevlar vest.


IOInteractive 1 minute ago
Maintenance is over earlier than planned. We are clear for lift off and ready to invite you to version 1.12.1 of HITMAN. Enjoy the ride


And the server’s back online. Get a load of Mr.Giggles.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agree, but agent 47’s health is still too high, he was hit ca 15 times before he died, it was a little pause when the guard moved, but it’s still too high imo.

Weird, i was just about to say the same in a edit, 10 shots from a single guard would work, because in combat we would die pretty fast, not a fast as before the previous patch, but fast enough for me at least.

much better. but still too much health imo.
I counted 15 shots.

10 shots to kill should be the maximum imo