June Featured Contracts Theme? (Speculations)

If you had the choice to decide the Theme for June Featured Contracts, what would you make it?

Me personally, I have no clue…


Summer Breeze

Kill all targets by fiery incidents


Something water related. Or maybe elemental. Could make for a plethora of accident kills.

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I like it but they’ve all been so specific lately. Summer Breeze sounds great like I thought spring break did… but then they made it party crasher and everybody went a different direction. KevinRudd said he made Water Way to Go based on thinking it would be spring break. Worked great for him.

I don’t really keep up with the previous themes so I don’t know what have been done before.

Something like “bright sparks” where all the kills are electrocutions


How about… ?

  • Deadly Duo: All contracts feature two targets. What is it that connects the two you have chosen?
  • Slasher: Who doesn’t love a brutal melee kill? Maybe the victims, but do your worst!
  • Out-of-Place: Each target must be killed whilst wearing a disguise that would get you into trouble.
  • Toxic Wasteland: Lethal poison is a horrible way to go, but a mouth full of toilet water can’t be pleasant either.
  • Big Guns: Shotguns, assault rifles, snipers? Time to break out the bad boys!

it will suck anyways…

I hope no theme at all. They limit creativity.

I like this. As mostly all the real missions are this way. I know it’s a major reason people dislike Colorado and maybe even Mumbai.

Not exactly. It’s to help people who would otherwise have no direction… I’ve seen plenty of contracts get selected that didn’t fit the theme.

Should I try for an official answer?
Hey @Clemens_IOI Will submitting contracts that are completely unrelated to the provided theme make the contract any less likely for selection? TIA

I feel there are community members choosing not to submit monthly due to the misunderstood notion of needing to provide theme correlation.

There’s always a way to make it fit a theme I think, as long as the theme is general enough, just think up some story in the briefing. “Water Way To Go” fit the party theme simply by the choice of map and “Happy Hippo Party” because of the story written around the hippo kills, to give two examples.

I’m not a big fan of themes that limit kill methods though, those are harder to work around.

Some suggestions:

“What’s for dinner?”: contracts that have got something to do with “food”. Consumed poison kills are one way, but others can be making your targets food for piranhas or hippos, killing people on an apricot farm, around a buffet, in a restaurant area, in a kitchen, dressed as a chef or kitchen assistant, etc

“I’m not here for your entertainment”: use outfits of entertainers, kill entertainers, kill people attending certain entertainment events. Every map has got its share of entertainment. Don’t have to be big events either,c an be people enjoying music, video games or tv as entertainment.

“Dress to Impress”: can be suit only challenges or revolve around a particular disguise or be in the same vain as the “Chameleon Anonymity” escalation.


Slackers - Pretty much every map has someone who is supposed to be doing their job but isn’t, or is doing it poorly. They must be punished. Perhaps in an ironic manner that could have been avoided had they just done what they were supposed to in the first place.

Hope Spot - Found a cold, refreshing drink after a long day out labouring in the sun? The loud, annoying chatterbox has finally left you alone so you could have some peace and quiet? You’ve finally found a store where that item you’ve been looking for everywhere is in stock? Sorry, the only thing you’re getting is a load of disappointment. And death.


If I had my guess it would probably be something to go with the monthly theme of Greed kills.


Career Day

(Potential Targets)

  • The Realtor in WC
  • Baker
  • Cooks
  • Electricians
  • Exterminators
  • Bartenders
  • Race Car Drivers

Etc… you get the point. All “career” themed people lol

Could make funny briefings where the text is the target speaking why they chose that career to the player


Actually, I did “Beached As” thinking it would be Spring Break, and after sitting on it for a while, I decided not to submit it in the end since it was more about a holiday than a party. I can’t actually remember if I did Water Way To Go… before the real theme was announced. If only it had ‘date published’ in the game so I could have a look when I did it (I know I can punch it into Contract Lookup, but I can’t be bothered right now :P)

Anyway, the Feature theme will be related to the month theme of “Greed Kills”, but it won’t be the exact same thing. Much like “Spring Break” feature theme was actually “Party Crasher”, different but related, since Spring Break is usually about partying.

So Greed Kills could lead to a theme about money, or “Selfishness” or something like that.

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I’m hoping for something like “Missed opportunity”, because my newest contract fits that theme to a T.

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If the theme is something to do with greediness etc, I might finally have a reason to submit two of my Sniper Assassin contracts, and I swear they’ll more than make up for “Water Way To Go…”, they’ll actually be fun and amazing.

The downside is I think IO will go out of their way not to feature whatever I submit, for fear of people being angry for choosing the same person twice in a row :frowning:

You have some making up to do! :joy: Nah you’re fine mate.

This is wrong on so many levels :slight_smile:

Do you mean incorrect that they’d do such a thing, or immoral if that is what they do?