Jurassic World: Evolution


Who is as excited as me now?!
Who played ‘Operation Genesis’? :heart:


Looks interesting. I would have preferred something more in the same vein as Turok but we’ll see what it is like. I tried a free trial of that Ark game the other night and was immensely disappointed by it.


That game seems nice. Never heard of it before. Will people be able to make all the guards have high heels though ? It seems to be the best way to escape a T-Rex. :joy: :grin:


A sequel to Operation Genesis? Sounds good, I wonder who is making this. Clicks on game’s website

FRONTIER!? FUCKING FRONTIER!? The people who made Planet Coaster, the true sequel to Rollercoaster Tycoon? Holy shit, these are practically the perfect people to make this, perhaps outside of the people who made Cities: Skylines.


Operation Genesys was fking amazing back in the days, spent HOURS in it… Super excited!


This is a game i’m looking forward to, i played the hell out of Genesis and this could easily be a good Dino theme park game. To begin with i feared it was another mobil game, just like Star Wars: Rise to Power.


Shame the “Jurassic World” brand is so awful and toxic. This is basically Jurassic Park but they’re naming it after the garbage fest that was JW. Disappointing.


June 2018 sees the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom so I guess they are hoping that Evolution might tie into that I suppose, although it wouldn’t surprise me if Evolution doesn’t hit its Summer 2018 release date.


I won’t lie, to some this is probably nice. But it’s really not my cup of tea, I’ll be avoiding it I reckon.


I really was a little bit upset after watching the trailer, because I just want, like a few other people here, an adventure where you have to explore an open world and have to run away or fighting the dinosaurs. So meh for me.


Wait, what? It’s a park builder? I’m suddenly interested. I was going to say that there’s no way to make a good Jurassic Park (well I suppose it isn’t a Park) game, not even a lot better than the mediocre SNES game. Now I’ll have to pay some attention to this.


Like others have said as well, this isn’t the first park builder in the franchise. In 2003, a game called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was released and was a park builder for PC, PS2 and Xbox. Still a good game actually although compared to other sim games of today a bit small in scope.


It was a good game, which could be perfect when being not too limited and having more options to offer. :wink:


What is annoying is that Operation Genesis on the PS2 was a little bit inferior to the PC and Xbox versions, because for some reason on the PS2 the numbers of dinosaurs you could have in 1 game was capped at 9, while in the other versions the cap was at 15. At least from what I can recall.

Like I say, good game, but a bit limited on content, especially on map size, and really once you reasearched all objects and viruses and got all dinosaurs genomes to 100%, there wasn’t anything else to do really aside from using cheats to spawn in cool weather effects.


I think in any world builder type game there does reach a point whereby there’s never really anything else to do. Other than restart from the beginning and do it all again!


I love the idea, i just truly despise Jurassic World. Maybe I can put my disgust on hold for long enough to actually play and enjoy this but I dunno.


True, but with Operation Genesis the point where you run out of things to do comes alot quicker compared to modern sim games like Cities: Skylines or Planet Coaster. I think compared to today’s titles, OG is a bit of a small game. Hopefully, Evolution will be far bigger in scope and content.

OG had 25 dinosaurs and only 15 could be unlocked in 1 game, hopefully Evolution will have at least 30 dinosaurs and all of them can be put in 1 game. I think as well in the original, the actual number of dinosaurs you could have was something like 60 at once, hopefully Evolution will allow for a far greater quantity.


I see your point, but we are talking what, 15 years ago? I’m sure between technology and how games are done these days surely they can get a vision and widen the scope of this title!


Oh absolutely, it isn’t a complaint against the original game. I just hope Evolution can really beat OG in terms of quantity and quality. I guess I’m just a little paranoid because we do live in the age of gaming where The Sims 4 managed to come with less features than The Sims 3 because EA are dickheads.

Although saying that, Evolution isn’t marketed as a sequel to OG, and is made by a different company who made OG, so some features from OG may just be gone completely, like researching dinosaur genomes or the virus system.


Here’s hoping if it’s anything like Rocksteady with the Arkham games it’s a total reboot and off to a flyer for all interested! :+1: