Jurassic World: Evolution


After the huge success of ARK:SE I just wondering why there isn’t any big publisher oder big studio that would make a great dinosaur game. The game “Robinson: The Jouney” is more or less bull**it, Far Cry: Primal generated some hope but just was set in a time without Dinosaurs and every other game with dinosaurs that you can buy on steam isn’t it worth, instead if you like such PvP games, where you have to play a dino or a soldier that fight each other.

Oh and yes I totaly forgott that we soon will get the “Prehistorc Kingdom”-Game, were you…yep…you can bulid a park!! Yes something that the would have never seeen befor, and not to mention that there is a game called "Dino Frontier with dinos and cowboys!!! That’s amazing…not.

Sry for being off-topic but it bugs me and sometime I can’t belive it that so many people could get attracted by such goofy concepts.


I think we are overdue a good Island Survival game with Dinosaurs. Jurassic Park Tresspasser for the modern age with an open world - I’d buy that.


Jeff Goldblum is going to voice Doctor Malcolm in the game.


You can pre-order the game now for a June 12th release date, presumably to tie in with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s June 22nd release date. (Although apparently in the UK, we get it on the 7th?)

Some Operation Genesis stuff seems to pop up again, with a natural disaster in the form of a tornado, tranquilizing escaped dinosaurs and lifting them back into their pen, as well as loose animals going around killing people.

I kind of hope we get some more meatier info soon. I’d like a definite number as to how many dinosaur species we’ll be getting, and how much customisation and buildings there are etc.


I look forward to this game, I played the hell out of Jurassic Park Genesis back in the day. It’s always fun to build and create your own dino park.


It seems we’re finally getting some proper footage of the game from websites and from Frontier themselves. It’s almost astounding how much of the game concepts are straight from Operation Genesis. The fence system, the feeders, the fossil research, the NPCs who serve as the head of the divisions (although I guess this time around it will just be Dr Malcolm and a bunch of new people?). This really does look like it is going to be Operation Genesis 2, and not just because of it being the same genre.


Why fix something that isn’t broken? must admit, this is exactly what I hoped for a more polished version of Genesis with better graphics and so on.


Well because Evolution isn’t offically a sequel to Operation Genesis, neither is it made by the same devs. They could of ignored OG and did their own thing, but it’s clear they are big fans of that game.


That should have been Jurassic World. And you have multiple endings. JW had the core of a good film, and followed some of the footnotes of the first JP. But they squandered most of it.

They let Masrani die in a benign helicopter crash and let Henry the Chinese scientist bear the load of being the guy who cut a deal to make militarized Bio Weapons, which doesn’t make sense. They already established Masrani wasn’t concerned about costs… so the perfect explanation and plot twist would have been to reveal that Masrani was going to start a Bio Weapons deal with Hoskins.

THEN he can die… maybe in the act of remorse when trying to help with the evac.

See how much better that is?


Jurassic World: Evolution is just one month away. This dev diary talks a little bit about the behind the scenes. It also confirms that as well as having Jeff Goldblum returning as Dr Ian Malcolm, they’ve also gotten Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Claire Dearing in both Jurassic World movies, and B.D. Wong as Henry Wu from Jurassic Park, Jurassic World and I believe is also in Fallen Kingdom too.