Just Cause 4


breaking down your own trailer is genius

This time Rico liberates South American Solis, the home of our enemies, “The Black Hand” PMC returning from Just Cause and Just Cause 3.


Glad to see better graphics, particularly the wind and rain effects!


I’d actually prefer if they left the graphics at JC3 level because my PC will probably boil from these effects.


I think our PCs will manage. After all, the game has to be optimized to still run on consoles. :wink:


Thank god they exist. Then again, even on consoles JC3 lagged too much thanks to a memory leak that is still not fixed btw.


Yes, I remember reading about that. Hopefully, this version should not have problems. It looks like the same engine, probably enhanced, is used.


Actually, no! They use a brand new Apex engine.


Oh! Here’s hoping they optimize the game well before release.


Apparently it’s not really brand new, they already used it in “theHunter: Call Of The Wild”, and it has OK system requirements. Then again, theHunter doesn’t have explosions.


I’m so pumped.

Hopefully, they can optimize it for consoles this time.
You couldn’t even drive without experiencing lag in the last one.


Let’s hope they do, the lag was painful sometimes in the last game, and i’m on PC.


Did I hear a different voice actor of Rico from jc3?


I’d prefer the JC2 voice actor, but apparently the JC3 one stays.

“Try to transport fuel now, you pipeline jerks!”


I still can’t believe how massive JC2 was. It took 5 minutes to reach the ground from the highest point!!

JC3 didn’t have that amount of verticality. How do you think JC4 would fare in this regard?

@YourGudBudNel, tagging you in case you’re not aware of this topic. :slight_smile:


I hope it will be closer to JC2, but also will have stuff to do at that height. Maybe Black Hand owned, small, mass-produced Sky Fortresses?


man i’ve played the fuck outta JC1 and 2, loved it, even though i spent more time running around exploding sheeit rather than concentrating on the story XD


Same, but shit, was i butthurt from what they did with story in JC3. They retconned everything and even in that retconned universe still managed to fuck up.


Lmao like there even was much to the story, only like 7 missions. Just causing chaos is the way to play these games. :wink:


JC3 had a much bigger and better story than JC2, along with tons of fun similar to JC2 outside the main story.


I’ll have to buy that, but my project is to 100% JC2 some day. It will take an eternity lmao.