Just Cause 4


You actually can’t 100% it unless you install a mod.


Oh well, that’s shitty. I’ll have to download that mod then.


Why does he sound different? Are you 100% certain? Is it the same voice actor or are you just going off of “it sounds like him”?


No, i am not certain. I just think he sounds too similar for it to be a different actor. Besides, why change the actor at all?


To me he sounds different. Similar, but not the same. So I’m just wondering. They could change for any reason. Financial, availability, etc.

It almost sounds like a guy TRYING to sound like jc3 Rico. Hopefully I’m wrong and his voice lines in the trailer just made it sound different.


I think it’s a different guy too.


SE press at E3 live in 35mins. Hopefully there’s jc4 gameplay.




Thanks. Couldn’t really hear it on the stream because of StopGame’s authors arguing if Just Cause series is boring.


Watch Twitch or E3 on Youtube. Go onto the main companies channels. It streams faster too.


I have always watched E3 on StopGame’s channel, it’s a tradition now i guess. Besides, they are pretty cool, though this year their stream’s audio balancing sucks.


Hahah fair enough mate :’)


I love Just Cause. The destruction, physics, freeroam is all top notch. However, they usually lack engaging stories and characters (outside Rico). I feel if Avalance can deliver a great story then Just Cause 4 could easily be one of the best games.


Are those… XM8s at the back 2 guards? I think they are :smiley:

Jet C130 Plane is back

Where have I seen this dude before?


Point Man in Colorado :joy:

VTOL Hummvee coming to stores near you


Fulton Recovery System that shoots multiple baloons from a grappling hook? Poor Snake, how sad that you did not have such technology.


This game looks great! I played JC3 and thought it was amazing, so pretty hyped for JC4 now.




World Exclusive gameplay


I posted the same video just above but the link I used got their vid deleted. Maybe they stole the vid. lol


Oh yeah, I was meaning to ask you if there was another video you posted earlier.