Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


So Hitman (Season) 1’s subtitle was “Enter a World of Assassination”, and Hitman (Season) 2’s is looking to be “Think Deadly.” So how about we come up with our own ideas for subtitles, be it serious or silly. I’ll start:

HiTMAN 3: I Don’t Feel so Good, 47

Hitman Title Name

Contracts. And the game’s gonna be 6
episodes of Sapienza remakes.


HITMAN IIV: Battle Royale.


With the current direction the series has taken it is more likely to be Casino Royale instead


HITMAN 3: He May Be 47 but Already 55


HITMAN 3: the discussion of yet another changed character model




Hitman 3: Featured Contracts


Hitman 3: Return to Sapienza – now with Itallian NPCs!


HITMAN 3: Rocco’s Revenge


(Because we’ll get DLC from that point on…)


Hitman 3: The Squeakquel




Just name it Hitman 3: Snake Eater and it’s gonna become a fan favorite


HITMAN 3:We really can’t think of a subtitle


Knight and Stone: Hitman 3


Hitman 3. Contracts 2


Hitman III. And then when it’s time for the next game they’ll go the Black Ops route, forget what Roman Numerals actually fucking are, and go with Hitman IIII


Hitman: A Hideo Kojima Game


Actually, both IV and IIII are correct.