Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


Never seen IIII used before, I’ve always used it and seen it as IV.


Me too. Until recently.


Hitman 3: ™



How do you type a trademark?


Keyboard on my phone has it ™™™™


It’s Alt + 0153 ™

HITMAN 3, The Revenge of Ramone



sorry, this was mandatory


Hi™an 3: 20 Characters


Hitman 3: Be the Clean Killer (a.k.a. Beware the Blood Pools!)


We all know it’s going to be called HITMAN: CONTRACTS, with 47 reflecting on his past assignments from HITMAN and HITMAN 2. :wink:


HITMAN: The man that hits on other man

Yes. Yes it’s as intended.


HITMAN 3: return of the briefcase animation


HITMAN 3: Fiber-No-Wire


HITMAN™ 3: Gotta problem? Tag Travis.


HITMAN 3: There Goes My Next Ex-Husband.


Hitman the Third, followed up by Hitman Forever After.


Hitman 3: Briefcase Animation

Not that I care a lot but it’s still a nice touch to the bcase


THAT is … HITMAN[3].




in this Game will the truth be revealed: 47 is not a Clone, hes made of Nano-machines. Because thats the only Thing this “Genius“ Kojima can think of.

Oh, and he is also only bald because he breathes trough his Skin!

The next Hitman Game after Hitman 2 will be named just “HITMAN“, just to confuse the shit out of People and to make it impossible to find Informations or Videos about it.