Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


Hitman: Silent Assassin
This should make identifying which title you mean a bit easier.



*the 3 is superimposed over an 8 to simultaneously confuse and pacify the fans :grin:


HITMAN 3: no he IS capitalism


Hitman 3: Bankers are Cankers!


Hitman 3: CARPETS!!!



Don’t know if that counts or not. haha


Hitman: 2: 2


HITM3N: Now with 3 Assassins, 47, Knight and Stone


Hitman 3: Up Your Assassination


Hitman 3: Curb Your Assassination




If Warner Bros suddenly drop ioi because 2 underperformes there’s always this…

Ubisoft’s HITMAN 3:Assassin’s Greed: In game purchases mandatory edition, Premium Gold

(paid dlc to follow later)


As it will be the final game that features providence and stuff, as they said there will only be three seasons, I think about something like;

HITMAN 3: Dig a trench, director, and make it a deep one.

Or in short; HITMAN 3; Datdamiado


Hitman 3 good missions, 1 meh and 2 whatev…


Hitman Three: Columbia


Hitman Three: HIIITMAN.


HITMAN 3: more world of assassination


Hitman 3: This time we have a legacy pack 2 and all will be integrated into Hitman 3


HITMAN 3: The Internship (starring Knight and Stone)


Hitman: World of Confusion

or maybe they will just call it 3 and get rid of the Name „Hitman“