Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


I’m still on a tree, Snake Eater~~


No Briefcase for Bald Men.


HITMAN Season 3: Because PC Gamers Suck and We Hate You.


u gotta let it go, man


Truth hurts, man.

“Truth isn’t mean, it’s just truth.”–Andrew Breitbart


But it isn’t truth. Nobody at IOI is like “Can’t wait for everyday computer burning cause these filthy PC players suck. Haha, they won’t be able to give us money because we won’t sell them a CE!”


Andrew Brietbart lmao


How about no subtitle?

HITMAN: Season 3

Or would that be too logical?


With legacy pack trying to fit everything under one roof they should have called HITMAN 2, HITMAN: World of Assassination


HITMAN Season 3: If you want PC CE and you’re not living in UK GTFO.


Logic? In IOI’s naming conventions? Get out of here. Kappa


I have come up with another fresh batch of subtitles based off of cult classic movies and shitty sequels

Hitman 3: Cruise Control
Hitman 3: Inspired By A True Story
Hitman 3: Back To Tha Hood
Hitman 3: Your Sister Is an Assassin
Hitman 3: The Rubberduck Diaries


Hit in the Hood, Come to Do No Good


Hitman Silent Assassin: 2


Hitman 3: The Squeakquel
Hitman 3: Rise of the Fall of the Dawn of the Hitman
Hitman 3: Rise of the Silver Ballers
Hitman 3: Across the Eighth Dimension


Hitman 3: Sub-titles are for friends, so I don’t need one.


Well, in terms of taglines so far we’ve had:

HITMAN - Enter a World of Assassination

HITMAN 2 - Think Deadly World of Assassination

so, naturally we need…

HITMAN 3 - Kill People

to eventually be retconned for

HITMAN 3 - World of Assassination (a totally new platform that will bring in all previous HITMAN locations!)


HITMAN 3 & Knuckles
(20 characters)


FIFY… :frowning: (twenty characters)


HITMAN™ 3: Senior Assassin

It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge of naming.