Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


Welcome back Professional Murder Simulator Sandbox Designer!


With that Face? more like Junior Assassin :stuck_out_tongue:


HITMAN™ | The Complete Definitive First Season GOTY Pack Edition
HITMAN™ | 2 - Definitely Not Silent Assassin Very Definitive And Complete Edition*
HITMAN™ | 3 - Definitely Not Contracts Legacy Remastered Completely Upgraded Third Season**

*(with Legacy Pack included)
**(with Legacy Pack Remastered included)


HITMAN 3: [Insert Edition Joke Name Here] Edition


HITMAN 3: Allan, you’re fired because you’re can’t add more details.

HITMAN 4: 47, Your target is “The Detail Adder Guy”. He refusing adding the damn details so kill him.

Later Diana sends the “Shut Up And Take ICA’s money” photo


Shadow of the HITMAN
Hitmansiders III
Hitman Exodus


HITMAN 3: New Generation
HITMAN 3: 2nd Impact
HITMAN 3: 3rd Strike


I always thought it would be funny if it was named similarly to Simulation games. Flight Simulator, Goat Sim etc.

Contract Killer Simulator 2018
Assassin Simulator 2018


I almost got a way with it : Agent 47


Hitman Ultimate starring 47 from the Hitman series.


HITMAN 3 : The Protocol
Or, HITMAN 3 : The Health and Safety Protocol and the ICA in the world of equal rights



Hitman 3: Allan Returns

Hitman 3: Revenge of the Details


HITMAN VIII (Makes sense since Season 3 would be the eight title so far)


Hitman Theft Auto V(III)
Hitnite Battle Royale
Hitman - The Hitting - The Game


Hitman 3 Electric Boogaloo


You might be a little late on that one, sorry


Hitman 3: Silent Of Fire Extungishers


Hitman 3: Hitman: Silent Assassin Contracts for Blood Money - Season 47


HITMAN 3: The Man With The Shiny Scalp


Hitman 3: The Face



HITMAN 3: No Subtitle