Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


Super HITMAN™ 3 Ultra Final Mix EX + Alpha Day One Collector’s Gold Edition starring Agent 47 from the Hitman series


not starring Lei Ling? cancelled preorder


Hitman: The Sneakman


Hey you stole the basics of my joke from the gameplay thread.:joy:

“It was like they forgot the games was called HITman not SNEAKguy” At the time of writing it is the 8739th comment


HI™MAN 3™: ® (©)
20 subtitles


Hi™an 3 - Shadow Fall (A reference to the shadow client).


HITMAN 3: Subtitles Are For Friends. so I don’t need one


333333: H



Hitman 3: The Franchise Strikes Back
Hitman 5-2
Hitman Simulator 2020
Hitman: Enter a wold of tomato farming.
Sneaky Pew pew boi 3
Hitman 3: The Ballad of Agent Smith
HITMAN 3 but you play as Victoria


HITMAN 3 but I won’t spend money on that :stuck_out_tongue:


HITMAN 3 [Redacted]

Filler words


Hitman 3 “Another” New Life


I was actually expecting some serious titles here…:sleepy:

Am I the only one here who is completely fed up of this emerging trend of releasing new games in a long running franchise and providing them with no subtitle? (Spiderman, God Of War, Tomb Raider, HITMAN etc.) Honestly, it annoys me a lot more than it should.

Here’s few that I can think of

HITMAN: Profession
HITMAN: Deception


What did you expect? Did you see the title says just for fun.:joy:
Hitman 3: The Search for Agent Smith’s Gold


Shadow play word was used in earlier artwork of HITMAN. It’s printed on ticket or something. Shadow client was there. And now we have Isle of Sgil (shadow island as per translation). So a word “shadow” was involved with HITMAN since beginning. They might have thought naming 3 season after it.
Season 1 - HITMAN Shadow of a client.
Season 2 - HITMAN Shadow of a Providence.
Season 3 - HITMAN Shadow of a clone.


In that case…

HITMAN 3: I Had No Solution
HITMAN 3: The Last Assassin
HITMAN 3: Toilet Hunter


Hitman 3: Mark Faba’s Revenge


HITMAN™ 3: Revenge of the Smith


HITMAN™ 3: Animated Cutscenes DLC Edition


HITMAN: 3 Proper Locations instead of 6 in 2016 and 5 in 2018™