Just for Fun: Let's come up with a Season 3 Subtitle


Lol the last one might actually come true, it happens every season might as well add it into the title. :joy:


Hitman: Ampersand.
I know people around here hardly comprehend my way of thoughts.


“Same old business. Brand new partners.”


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No subtitle required… :wink: … Check out that cool lapel pin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Season 3 corrupt a wish

Hitman 3: Contracts (2020)



It’s going to be called Hitman 3. Because non of them want’s to admit the game is rebooted in a soft way.


Hitman 3 the “last hit”. Then Diana and 47 blow themselves up. We wait 3 more years for a reboot.


Or they clone 47 back.


Hitman 3: Legacy Edition


HITMAN: To 3 times at charm


Hitman 3: Preordered Legacy Assassination


Hitman 3D
The gold edition can be called Hitman 3DD