Just started Marrakesh for the first time

This is the sole reason I got the game. (I heard of a printing press assassination and that sealed the deal. The plague doctor outfit helped confirm my purchase.) I have to say, I’ve read it’s the worst level in Season 1, and though I haven’t played Colorado yet, I get the feeling that’ll be worse than Marrakesh. While it does pale in comparison to Sapienza, I love the cheesy lines for the vendors. Except for the lamp vendors. They’re getting a contract so I can murder them after I finish this level.

The level reminds me of absolution in a way, but I think it works for this instance, because being war-torn, it needs to be a structured level to flow. I’ve been to flea markets and such, and I love the fact that there are knock off Ipads.

Is this the worst level in Season 1? I’m just wondering because I don’t mind it.


Not the best but not the worst too :wink:

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Is Colorado your least favorite?

My least favorite is definitely Bangkok, a lot of empty rooms and the mission is not really good


I used to hate Marrakesh but it actually grew on me a lot.

Colorado is the worst level.


I was right. I figured it would be after reading something about it being military related. We need more levels that are just public locations. I still want to see a county fair or circus. There’s so much potential for that as a location.

Why did they have to make it hostile, damnit!? I saw it was a farm and was finally hoping we’d get to see Farmer 47 with a pitchfork.

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For me, it’s the best. I love it.

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  1. Paris
  2. Sapienza
  3. Hokkaido
  4. Bangkok
  5. Marrakesh
  6. Colorado

I don’t think Marrakech is bad it just had the unenviable position of following Paris & Sapienza. Two of the best maps in the series I think :slight_smile:


We can all admit that all of season 1 maps are f*ckin amazing :slight_smile:
Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh give you freedom of approach in your suit.
Bangkok and Colorado give you a good challenge.
Hokkaido gives you futuristic toilets :slight_smile: (I love it too)


No i wouldnt call them all fucking amazing. For 3 of them i would.

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@Fortheseven You’re talking about Bangkok, Colorado and Marrakesh (these are my least favourite maps) right? :wink:
I like all levels, but i admit i overreacted in my last post

Well none of them are terrible, i can somewhat agree on that :yum: allround colorados mission is quite bad

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@Fortheseven Do you think there will be more bonus episodes before season 2?

No i really dont think so. Maybe some reskin mission like holiday hoarders

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Glad to see that you like Marrakesh. The most common complains I’ve heard about Marrakesh are the huge number of enforcers in the school and the embassy and that you have to do a lot of walking because both targets are at the opposition ends of the map.

Personally I don’t mind either of it. In fact, for me Marrakesh is the best map of Season 1. :slight_smile:

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@Fortheseven I hope so…

Problem with marrakesh is that both buildings are at the edges of the map, limiting your approach. There are only 2 ways to get inside the embassy, and 2 for the school. Now compare this with silvios mansion for example.

It also severely lacks verticality.


I felt that each map brought something different to the game and these are only my opinions, but for what they’re worth…

  • The level design of Paris is second to none. In such a small footprint they have an incredible sprawl of interconnected locations.
  • Sapienza is splendid with its variety of locations: town square, harbour, church, mansion, underground labs. Wow!
  • I liked Hokkaido for its elegance and interesting level design, but I hated it because all your items are locked until you reach level 20 mastery.
  • I liked Colorado for how hostile the area was, even between factions, but it was completely ruined by forcing you to exit through the tornado shelter.
  • I like the visuals and atmosphere of Bangkok, but I hated the target placement/movement. Ken walks a tight circle in a public space; Jordan has a restricted loop behind a fortress.
  • I’m fairly neutral about Marrakesh. It has an authentic busy market-like atmosphere, but it’s a little dull to navigate.