Just wondering



Or why not even 26th of this month, right?! My god, what were they thinking?


You would rather they delay the release of the game solely for the sake of being symbolic?


Why not 2047, it’s just a couple years of waiting.


Don’t want to be that guy, but does this really need its own thread.
Can’t it go in Hitman 2 Announcement Discussion or Ask HMF anything?


You’re absolutely right, but only Mods can move this into a topic. Still, we can toss this in Purgatory if you like.


I’d rather play it the day it has gone Gold.
It’s just interest, why did they mark 13th. What’s the story behind


Release dates aren’t related to anything special they’re normally timed with the release of other big games (to avoid same day release) or something like that


Jeez, why people need to be rude immediately?

I also think it would’ve been better if they released it a week later, just for it to be released in the 47th week of the year. I still can’t complain with this approach, now I get to play the game more early :slight_smile:


Jeezums crikes chill out people, this man just submitted a quality cutesy meme post that I thoroughly appreciated and everybody’s being all serious and shieeeeet


I want them to release it TODAYYYY… mwoehahaha


Skyrim still holds best release date of 11/11/11 but this would have been kinda neat.

I also kinda want Cyberpunk 2077 to release on June 7th, 2020 as it’s a Tuesday and reversed is 2077.


I think November 47th would have been much better


it adds the 25 and 11 as one number but splits the 2018 into four separate numbers :sweat_smile:

isn’t the 13th November in the 47th week of 2018? I thought that’s what they were doing, and is usually Tues or Friday for a game release


It’s the day before Fallout 76 :yum:
Game is actually out Nov 9 but you’ve to get Gold Edition for “early access”


As far as I know, the year is summed by digits in numerology.

13th is 46th week