Kalmer-1 Tranquilizer

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I have a little problem here. In the Whittleton Creek mission, I achieved all the mission stories, but I still can’t unlock the Kalmer-1 Tranquilizer (unlocked by achieving three Mission Stories Challenges).
Anyone could help with that ?

Thank you !

In order to complete Mission Stories, sometimes it’s not enough to simply finish the challenges that claim you have unlocked them. You have to complete each mission story step by step.
The best way to ensure this happens is to enable Mission Story Guidelines. When you access the tab of mission stories you will see which mission story you did not yet complete, and you can choose to track it to make sure you get it this time.


It also depends on what Mission Stories you do.

This weapon is really useless with only 2 sedative bullets

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It’s actually really useful on master. Completely silent


I recently had some issues unlocking the Kalmer-1 Tranquilizer as well. For me, I found the problem is that the Mission Story “Breadcrumb Trail” is bugged.

To unlock, the challenge wants you to discover 3 specific clues: the lawsuit documents, the videotape, and the photo in Janus’s basement. However, if while doing the Mission Story, you pick up any additional clues - the letter from Janus on the bodyguard, the microfilm, etc. - it disrupts the Mission Story because 3 clues are discovered. The Mission Story reads as completed, but the challenge connected to the Mission story doesn’t unlock until you pick up those 3 specific clues.

On my last run, I actively avoided picking up any other clues and was directed to infiltrate Janus’s house after listening to the video tape. But on previous runs, I picked up the letter or the microfilm, and then the Mission Story ended right after listening to the video tape. Doing it that last way unlocked the final Mission Story challenge and I finally got my tranquilizer gun!

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It can also knock out two people who are facing each other, as long as both have been darted before the first of them collapses into proper unconsciousness. Good way to get a double KO when turning them would be risky or slow and legshots or flash grenade would be noticed.

Best to think of it not so much as a gun and more as a tool for double knockouts that just happens to go in a pistol slot.

Does this result in No Bodies Found? (AKA are you saying this action does not nullify SA)

Correct. Once they go into “dizzy” state, they stop noticing anything. As long as the second person hit is dizzy before the first person is KO’d, neither can spot a body.

Hmmm, I’ll have to try this. I think I’m too slow at reloading it. It’s a bit annoying that it doesn’t auto reload as there’s only one per clip/chamber

Do you have to complete these three mission stories in one run? Or can you complete them separately?


It’s incredibly useful, allowing you to KO an opponent from distance with no body found, and one of the only tools in the game (maybe the only tool?) that allows you to KO an opponent, steal their clothes, and then have them woken up naked and returned to position with still no body found and no alarm set off.

The gun itself is near silent when firing, and the ability to tranq a guard and then throw a brick at another guard while the first is getting dizzy is a great way to get past checkpoints manned by two guards.

And its two bullets can be upped to three when combined with the Seiker, or even 5 on a map like NYC where there is a spare tranq gun.

And when it’s empty, it serves as a useful placed distraction to send guards on a walkabout.

If anything, as a tool, it is overpowered.

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Do you need to complete certain specific challenges, and if so which ones?

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3 feat challenges related to 3 the 3 specific mission stories needs to be completed. Check the Another Life Feats tab to find the 3 feat challenges then do those mission stories step by step as the guide tells you to.

Ok but which 3 challenges are the ones that I need to complete?

You find them by going to the Feats tab. There are only 3 feats that are mission story related and they even have “Mission Story” in their challenge name.

I noticed a bug about Kalmer 1 and Sieker1. If you have selected both of them to loadout, shooting one shot for example with Kalmer1, it takes one dart from Sieker1 also. It doesn’t make any sense. Kalmer1 has tranqulizer darts and Sieker1 “nausea” darts but they share darts with each other.

The canon explanation for that is that 47 just carries around blank darts which he dips into different kinds of tiny rainforest frogs he keeps in his pocket before loading it to one of the dart guns.

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