Kill 5 "targets" With Public Phone Challenge

What does it mean to kill targets with this challenge? There’s only 2. I was assuming they mean guards, but it says Non-target Killed. Also this goes for the outlet/water electricity challenge. I electrocuted 5 guards and the challenge is still unfinished.

targets would mean Zaydan or Strandberg… unless you create a contract with five targets who happen to either walk across a lot of electric puddles or use faulty phones, which seems to be the intended way to complete these challenges.


Make a contract, tag 5 guys who are near such phonce cell, play contract -> profit


Wait so challenges apply to contracts mode also? Thought it only applied to the main story missions. Thanks!

When a challenge says “a target”, then contracts are the way to go, when they mention a specific person (claus or general whatshisface) then its just applying to the main story


Challenges also work in elusives and escalations





The “Prank Call” and “I Re-Fuse” can ONLY be done in contract mode. This is because you need to kill all five targets in one mission by the required methods; you wouldn’t find that many designated targets in a story mission or escalation contract. Plus there are only five people in the whole of Marrakesh who use the payphones so you’ve got to have them specifically as targets. Depending on which platform you’re playing on there is always someone who has created a custom contract for the job. Just make sure it has 5 targets and the name of the contract suggests it is linked with the challenges.

Are you sure about this? It doesn’t say that, i think you could do it in multiple missions, same as with the chameleon challenge, you don’t have to equip all disguises in 1 playthrough either.

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I am absolutely certain about the Prank Call one. I could only find three people using the phones so I made a custom contract and played the mission multiple times. It never unlocked. I was then fortunate to find someone who had created one with five targets and it unlocked after the 5th got killed by the “faulty wiring” in the phone. It took a long time for the final two targets to complete their path and use the phones so you had to be really patient.

However, with the “I Re-Fuse” I made a contract with five targets but it seemed that my actions affected the paths of my previous guaranteed marks. So during a 3rd playthrough of one of my contracts it unlocked when I killed the second target. So I don’t know if that was a glitch or that particular challenge was cumulative. Having said that, I’d killed probably around 7 or 8 targets before that in attempting to do it, so it is more likely to be a glitch and not the intended way to unlocked that challenge.


Oke good to know:) Just asking.

Can confirm that you need to kill ALL five targets in the same mission.


I found a contract for this challenge but the last guy has been hanging at one of the stalls for 20 mins, not sure if broken or need to be VERY patient

Mine just popped on the fourth target after a few attempts – either it’s an IOI-patented moderately buggy challenge or you have to kill 5 distinct targets over multiple attempts/contracts (ie if you kill the same dude 5 times it won’t pop, but if you kill the targets 1 to 4 and then die and kill target 5 first on your next attempt, it counts)

@phantomatic: Aha! That might explain why my “I Re-Fuse” unlocked when I killed the second target in a contract (after trying multiple times).

@Vincentdante: That happened to me when trying to do the “I Re-Fuse” one. A couple of my targets changed their routines and were rooted to the same spot a couple of times. You’ll need to restart, but as phantomatic suggested, as long as you get that particular target in the next attempt it may unlock. It’d be good to know.

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Discovery and feat challenges can be done in contracts. Assassination challenges only work in the main mission. That’s what made the oil barrel challenge tricky in Paris, but people cracked it after a bit!

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OMG I can’t believe “I RE-FUSE” can be done over several playthroughs…
The struggle I had to endure to drag all the targets (who were all together in the same place) to that water puddle while avoiding to get myself killed because there was no stealthy way to do it…

Uploading a walk through for this now. I’ll share the link once its finished uploading

All 5 need to be done in one mission for the phone call one (I created a contract on Xbox One with all targets selected)

The re-fuse can be done over different missions but still needs to be 5 seperate targets. You can’t do the same one 5 times…(again ive created a contract for this too, inbox me on Xbox (massive tempah) for the guide if needed)