Kill 5 "targets" With Public Phone Challenge

Not sure it’s true for the phone call one – using someone’s challenge-specific contract, mine popped when I took out the fourth target, having run through it a few times beforehand to see which phones the various targets used. My suspicion is that you need to take out 5 distinct targets, so if you did 5 contracts for single but distinct targets, it should trigger.

That makes sense why people are saying 4 and I needed 5.

I guess its probably because you cant unlock challenges while playing your own created contracts!

Yes you can. In fact some require it to be in custom contracts. The challenges won’t unlock while creating. You have to create the contract then play through it

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I created a PS4 version, so I could do it myself, its easy. You can also tag people who have died, so its easy to set up a phone with the screwdriver and tag anyone who goes to use it.

I Re-fuse was a bit of a struggle though, had to let people spot others who had received the treatment before using it again.

I tried using the same spot to kill all 5 on i re-fuse. Didn’t work for me. I had to do 5 seperate electrocution spots. as far as I know there are exactly 5 locations to electrocute and 5 to rig the phones.

There are 5 electrocution spots? That would have saved me a job if I had searched properly :joy:

I used the one near the headmasters terrace to get one person who goes directly into the puddle of water, and then the one in the alleyway near the printers/propaganda guys. Easiest way was to get the soldier, then someone pops in the alley, spots him, turn on power, rinse and repeat. And then lastly, the printer guy who goes to find a spot for posters elsewhere, he goes directly through it.

There’s the one near headmaster (I killed the girl his son talks to) one opposite the fortune teller (I killed a guy in a suit who uses the machine) one by the poster guys (I took out the soldier who walks past the vending machine) one in the consulate kitchen and the final one is above the room the news crew interview Claus.( Rig the light, Claus leans on the barrier, switch the light on.)

Cheers mate - I was a complete idiot and didn’t realize the light and railings one would count!

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This was my issue! I kept making a new contract, then it wouldn’t unlock.