Kill em all

only 130 npcs there, 130 kaaarl!! to be serious this is stupid.

Did you expect the usual amount? All armed?

Yeah right, I wish. You know most of those NPC’s are smoke and mirrors anyway.

I wonder if 130 is the max number of guard npc’s that a level can hold?

cuz map is so fucking small

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If you want to kill them all go in the house clear the upper floor then mow them all down as they come up the stairs haha. I’m glad there isn’t 300 armed NPCs to be honest that would be chaos haha.


Yeah it would be chaos, but there are at least 10 unurmed npcs (targets and hackers)

In marrakesh where more in my opinion.

Is it possible to kill the hostage?

It would’ve been with the

Wonder why they nerfed it…

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Yes, in at least two different ways…


The number of guards is about the same as Paris and Marrakesh, about 123.

Its good how there are not too many non-guard NPC’s because the game crashes when you get near 300 kills. Piled body bags and ragdoll physics dont mix.


Doesn’t giving him the overdose just send him unconscious? if that’s the case I have no idea how to kill him I shot the glass and nothing maybe an explosion but I don’t see that working anyone killed him?

Perhaps that is why they nerfed the Jaeger sniper rifle, so no one can shoot him. Which means that guy is probably a very important NPC in Japan :wink:

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@Morten_IOI posted that there is two ways to kill him…

i tried everything lol, just give me one hint :blush:

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Yes please do as i’m lost with it and really want to make a contract with him I really don’t see how there can be two ways to be honest, did you forget you nerfed the lancer Morten? haha.


No hints! Let’s figure this one out.

just hint, little little hinty :blush:

Well when you do let me know because I am well and truly stumped.

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+1 stumped. I dont think it is possible.
Thought an explosive on the table behind the poison machine would do the trick…noooo