Killing everyone in hitman is impossible!

everyone please try to make it easy ioi see this topic because im really disappointed . today after more than 15 hours playing game (paris level ) i tried to killing everyone in level ! so i start from 3rd floor and kill every body there and then cleaned 2rd floor then i cleaned basement of this level . i was so excited to finally kill every guard in main level and then kill every npc in there but when only around 20 guard were alive i decided to kill them with a smg but it appears they just respawn and never stop ! this is really stupid …


Oh, really? Guards start to respawn?

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yes at some point i suspect the guards are more than 20 and i died but maybe im wrong !

If this is true, that sucks hard.


I’m pretty sure guards will only respawn if you get spotted and you start shooting. I’ve killed as many guards as I could in the level silently and they never respawned. If you start shooting up the place though the guards will call for backup which will cause guards to enter the level.


and when i kill backup guards !? its should stop coming at some point

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go get some counseling!


If you massacre an entire building full of people they are going to keep sending backup,


why ?! because killing people in video games is unusual !?

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They do not respawn at all.


I would appreciate if they would send a swat team or something like that instead of just respawning security guards.


Yeah, if the newcomers wore Police uniforms that’s be pretty cool.


I killed everyone on the tutorial level. The final test one…everyone except Jasper. Lol. I wanted too see if the dialog was different or some thing…no one for him to run too. It wasn’t really.

Its not impossible. It is very hard but not impossible. I manage to do a mass murder quite hard. And I re load and re load and re load way too many times.
But the map is so huge they keep coming anyway from upstairs I think.


Great, now I just had to listen to this masterpiece again! Look what you did! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I truly hate to compare GTA with Hitman, but that’s a good idea. If one chooses to go crazy shooting everyone in Hitman (if that’s your style)
Then there should be “waves” / “levels” of armed personnel to come after you.

Wave 1: say 20+Low level guards come at you periodically.

Wave 2: 30+ More (heavily armed) security guards come at you.

Wave 3: heavily armed guards AND police come in.

Wave 4: guards, police and swats come in. All heavily armed, with maybe a helicopter.

They should also make it like they did with Blood Money, where at certain times even CIVILLIANS would intervene if they had the opportunity

AGAIN, like I said, I hate to compare Hitman to GTA. I personally don’t care if they would do this or not, seeing that I much prefer the SILENT approach. However, I think this would be a really neat idea for the ones that like to go in guns blazing.

Of course when I think of 47, I definitely don’t think of America’s most wanted lol but they had instances in past games where 47 was in a rather compromising predicament. (Contracts:Hunter&Hunted) the newspaper showing sketch of 47, if player got messy…ABSOLUTION… Lol but if they would do this, the player would have the CHOICE, just like BM. So it wouldn’t necessarily ruin the new story of the game, it would just be a little fun/side thing to do for some.

Hell, even one of the achievements in the HD Trilogy was to get the achievement of “most wanted” lol not really “Agent 47” style, but a little fun thing to do on the side, if you chose to. Anyway, I don’t really care, just a thought. As long as they don’t make this scenario part of the actual story then I’m fine. It would make it a bit more realistic and interacting though, rather than guard after guard…
Maybe this could be another version of “escalation mode” :laughing: For the brutal amateurs…


I did this twice and noone is respawning. There are exactly 300 People (NPCs) in Showstopper.


I’m good at the silent approach but suck at massacres I always die too soon to find out.

To be honest, I know thats fucked up, but one thing I liked doing in any of the 4 first games was MURDERING ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE. aaaah the satisfaction.

Or do a tricky challenge : do a silent melee-kill on every single npc (or armed npc if there was too many npcs) without getting spotted a single time and without rising any global alarm. Tho, I allowed myself to get one body found to lure a guard here and then kill him, then another comes and I kill him too etc

So my point was not just to say random stuff about my life, but to say : I for one liked having no “infinite backup”, and having some areas with very limited number of pnjs

But considering this time IO is going for “very few and very big maps”, they can’t really do that

I Will have to try and let you know I used to love doing this on the a new life mission with the guy in witness protection on hitman blood money, good times.

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