Killing Everyone in less than 2 seconds

I spent over 13hrs setting this up. (36+ hours total after 3 restarts and 148 crashes with the amount of NPCs in one spot.)

Here you go, killing 300 people in less than 2 seconds.


Hey TacoFist! Do you know what happened to Borum? He’s channel is gone on YouTube sadly.

Oh I knew he was swamped at work. I didnt know his channel was gone. I’ll text him and ask whats up.

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Well yeah, technically this is the fastest way to kill the entire map.
But how long would it take to set all things up?
148 crashes, 14 hours of playtime, and possibly 24+ hours of real time

Wasn’t going for practicality, it takes way to long, which is why I only did it once. Just shooting for the technical.