King of the Hill -- Game


I would die for you, for our team. If you want him to join, we are ok with it. But what if we instead make an offer to @Tore_Staffan, a very loyal enemy to team up?


Ohohohhhh,I like your thinking my brother. We probably should


Thank you and I promise steffan will make a good counterpart I swear - but if you order an assassination sir nothing will svae my blade across his/her throat.


Your choice may I be a loyal ally or an enemy in despair.


If you dont accept @ObiBobi18 offer I Will gladly join. Enemys Enemy is My friend like they say😏


I would gladly like to see you in my position although working with them is nice I like them, also I am quite a loner tbh, let the sir decide.


The first one of you that finishes this sentence may join our squad.
“Names are for friends…”


Names are for friends of betrayal/death/hope/selflesness/and death is for lance/and help is for bends/and shi* is for amends/and i dont need them I have got my camera lense.
@HiddenValleyLover Done


“But I dont need One”


SHIT that is a good one I was trying to rhyme, you win gg (I think)


Welcome aboard,on our hill


NOOOOO shuuut I lost
Well done Torre I always thought I was menat to lose by your hand


Thank you. Now the Our Hili Alliance is officially Dead


Uhm… what’s the limit to be King of my Hill?


Gg, now imma go and eat nutella for not my hili but for my stomach


Well you can always create New Alliance,Good luck Old friend,It was fun until you Tried to backstab me


Yes exactly - you are still a dictator in my selfish heart
(Is it just me or did this turnout more depressing than it is supposed to be?)


Wait where did you all go…it turns out you are all afk…I AM THE KING OF THE HILL NOW My Hill


So much caos, where’s @AGENT4T7 when you need him the most in… my hill?


Want to create a small alliance you seem funny we can rule our hill
@FearlessArogunz Yes hi I lost it is ok now I am creating a small alliance