King of the Hill -- Game


The fight is over when the thread reaches the maximum.

@Tore_Staffan I’m so happy to have you in our team, thank you very much for joining.

Our Team owns the hill


Yeeeeeeeyy I am happy for him lol…now I am trying to do an alliance to rule the hill.





My Hill


Somebody tried to recruit me to be part of their group to own the hill, but what’s the point if i’m the rightful leader of my hill?


you will get free memes like the ones above your comment our hill


Army of one here, defending My Hill.


what about daily memes our hiill


Sorry but Our team got the high ground
Our Hill


I said it is not my hill, it is The spanish inquisition’s Hill. Therefore I shall swear my loyalety to Switzerland, duo to them being neutral.


Its not yours. Its ours. It belongs to @Tore_Staffan, @HiddenValleyLover, @RotaryOliver and me.
The Hill is ours.


Actually… I “created” this hill. I am the founder! I made it, I can make it crumble…

This hill belongs to me!! Only those who bow before me may stand on it next to me.



That’s right. You’re the founder.
But you motivated us all, especially my team to claim the Hill for ourselves.
Join us. Make the team even stronger, the bond which connects the members. Join us, so we can say our Hill without fighting each other.


Yeah join us @AGENT4T7 :slight_smile:


I shall join… but only, IF you all accept me as your leader…


I will speak for my team.
Our team hasn’t got a leader. Everything started with @HiddenValleyLover and me. But now do we’re a strong group of equal fighters. We accept you as a member of our team, a special member, the founder of the hill. The man who created it with his own hands. Everbody is leading our team, but I’ll ask you: Do you want to lead our team as the founder of the hill?


I need to use the hill.



It will be an honor…



Thank you very much.
The reason why our team doesn’t need a real leader is simple. Without equality comes disloyalty. We need to be strong. We must be able to trust every single member. But now, with the founder himself in the team, we’re unbreakable. How you already said, our Hill.


Well said…
One for all, all for one!


Everyone has magically feel asleep and after 9 hours ObiBobi snuck up into the courthouse and declared that the hill is hers unless she can join the unbreaking alliance of the bigger team, Unless freezey wants an alliance but for now it is My Hill