King of the Hill -- Game


I don’t need bold text. Our Hill.



I’M 47 NOW

assassinates the current owner of the hill

My hill. It’s mine


Our Hill. It belongs to us.


Who’s “our”? You’re on your own. Also, it’s my hill


He is not alone… we are a team.

You on the other hand, is alone. All by yourself on this big hill.

So why don’t you go back to where you came from and we can settle this in peace?
Because this is OUR HILL :smirk:


assassinates @RotaryOliver

My hill


Too bad, I’m an extraterestrial space virus that has mutated into a god.

M y H i l l


@Opal_Hitman I’m not alone. Apparently, you don’t even know the history of the mountain.

@AlyMar1994 Go away.

Our Hill.


assassinates everyone who has had the mountain before (excluding myself)

My hill.



My Hill


Can I join your communism uprising?

It will be our hill, comrade :ru:


assassinates @AlyMar1994 successfully

my hill


Yes I did’nt get killed, and The Spanish Inquisition is finally dead, to bad Napoléon wants the hill now, so Napoléon’s Hill


@soundwAve communism?

@Frezzey Our Hill.


You think…this is your hill people?Damnit,we worked hard,me and my team,to ensure peace and prosperity,on this damned hill,we went through war,a post-apocaliptic winter due to nukes and countless murders. IT’S OUR HILL! IT’S IN OUR RIGHT!
I am actually going to give the heretics trying to STEAL our hill a chance. Sign my treaty called the “HiddenHill Treaty” and we shall grant you all basic human rights instead of using you to fabricate briefcases and gloves for our suits.


May i sign for Switzerland, for your powerful treaty against Napoléon’s powerful France. But where shall we sign your treaty, in what city shall we sign under the treaty and name the treaty after. Ps Napoléon has send a message from the Swiss embassy, the message reads “I Napoléon own this hill, and go of, or I shall take over Waterloo”. Shall we unite to fight Napoléon’s powerful army of French soldiers?


It seems that you all have forgotten that I’m the rightful ruler of the seven hills that form My Hill.

You all feel free to bend the knee anytime soon or else…


Our Hill goddammit


Kneel before your King of the Hill.


Good joke, but its our Hill.