King of the Hill -- Game


I did not call you a rat, nor that I asked your opinion…ARE SO INCOSISTENT AND DUMB / DUMBER WITH THE ALREADY SMALL BRAIN YOU HAVE? Our Hill


Sorry, I did not notice you said a tiny rat to how much you carred for my opinion, I read it as saying i’m a rat. Sorry about that @ObiBobi18. Ps I do actually have a problem with my brain, but that does not matter in a argument


Well that proves almost all of our points right - and since you have not added ‘‘insert random things/persons hill’’ that proves that the hill is hereby of me and my team and everyone I mentioned a few posts above!


P.S. (I am very sory if I had upset you about your disease or anything else I said, this thread is all just a funny joke altogether. I love you :sweat_smile: )


It is’nt a disease, it is a Dissorder ps The Third Reich Hill, and new area of their ‘Summer Camp’


(Sorry again sir)

Btw if you have forgotten P.S. The Third Reich, summer camps, old ass queen margaret’s and spanish whatevers are dead already OUR HILL


I got back after short breakout caused by my exams, and what I see?

Bunch of peasants with false claim to what is clearly and widely known as MY HILL

So what are you guys doing up there? I do not remember inivinting anyone, it’s time for you to be on your way down.

It’s MY HILL and you should depart!


You forgot Napoléon @ObiBobi18


Go back studying kid, it is important in life and as for @Frezzey you are right…BUT THAT STILL DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT IS MY HILL
EDIT: Wut ya writing its taking so long kiddo


Actually during my studies I’ve learned that’s MY HILL so maybe you should go and educate yourself in matter of historical belongings of MY HILL.

And it’s too high for you to be yours.

It’s taking so long because I actually think about how to tell you that it’s MY HILL but it’s pretty hard to do because I know you don’t even know how high it is.


First of all…What college have you went too since it seems shite, a looot of misinformation…
And thirdly - do not make me unleash a terror attack on the hill’s 4th largest city Dumbgrade

Zdaj pa pojdi že stran predem začnem preklinjati slovensko bik!

Our Hill


First it’s yours, now it’s ours… it seems it’s nobody s. Should you decide first then we’ll talk about your permission to make a step on my hill!


The permission is this…

@ObiBobi18 unleashed a deadly terror attack on @The_Bear’s 4th largest city on his hill Dumbgrade. 79 Killed 456 injured

Combatt that.

(Also can we have a water fountain on West between capital Shitland and the 420th largest city WaeToDiHigGraundJevo since I am thirsty and most residents of the cities are too…Thank you)


I see you are some serious sci-fi \ fantasy fan. Don’t forget to make some seriously bold line between fiction and reality, which is MY HILL


Haha see that was a sci-fi fantasy…oh little boy go on out and go play with your friends come on YOUR Hill haha have you watched that movie fantasy movie 2012 again- oh silly you. YOUR Hill haha no



How big is the land mass that you are fighting for even?


Enough to fit your momma’s ass!





My Hill.

And everything was lovely once again. Wonderful.


…Gtfo this hill is only permitted for people who batttled on this hill for centuries and you were here for…3 hours.




Well, seems like everything is going good on our hill except for that tini-tiny spec of a person @AlyMar1994 that seems to didnt do ANYTHING WHILE WE WERE ARGUING! Just sitting on their ass with popcorn and looking at war.
Our Hill forever and ever reaching through the fantasy
(Also is it that simple to be promoted to ‘‘regular’’, just stay on HMF for two months?)