King of the Hill -- Game


No it’s not that easy. There’s a list what you have to in a month/ etc


oh…thank you…well I did not do rat’s shite in a month but ok…

AANNNYWAYS Our Hill @FearlessArogunz


Ehh Errm…how is everyone doing on Our Hill since we have not talked much on our hill?


The British Ministry of War has found the ultimate weapon , be warned Monty Python made it, and also The British Hill


It’s over, HMF!



Haha, look at you tiny goody-two shoes @Mads47! Using a dead meme you cun*!
And eff off freezey with you weapons and thotteries since this hill is clearly off: @FearlessArogunz, @Tore_Staffan, @HiddenValleyLover, @ObiBobi18 and @AGENT4T7!



Ah you think the hill is your ally? You merely adopted the hill. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see flat land until I was already a man.

MRW you pesky visitors want’s my hill…We don’t want any more visitors, well-wishers, or distant relations.

My Hill

Okay you can stay on top of the hill…I just need the insides of the hill.


Honestly I’m heavily intimidated by your Bane speech,so I will strategically retreat (Not “run away” mind you!)


After a month and 10 days of pure war…we have managed to succeed it @FearlessArogunz, @HiddenValleyLover, @AGENT4T7 & @Tore_Staffan…IT IS OUR HILL

BOW DOWN TO US EVERYBODY SINCE IT IS OUR HILL OTHERWISE WE WILL MAKE YOU BLEED IN THE HMF INTERNATIONAL HUNGER GAMES! (I am literally just advertising my Hunger Games thread if you care to join - thank you very much!)

Our Hill


Time to find out where in the world this “hill” is (if it even is a hill after all the bloody battles over it, which might have unmade it’s hill status), and it seems to be in the cordinates of 90°S




What happened to the "us" …? My dear friend.


Names are for friends so I don’t need one…

There can only be one king of the hill and this is MY HILL!! :smiling_imp:


Fredo… What’s bothering you? Let me help you.





And as for whoever else that will try and take my hill…


“You were always the best. Nobody ever came close. You defined the hill, and it defines you. Your actions have changed the hill. Powerful hills have fallen by your hand; but by the same token, others have risen. Do you realize what kind of hill you’ve been shaping? Does the HMF? Does @DianaBurnwood? I live in that hill. I have seen the consequences. I have felt the cost. That’s what defines MY HILL.”


There’s always a point where the Universe will look at all of you and just say “No.

My Hill.


Haha very nice, very nice! :laughing::+1:

However, Diana is my handler and she just informed me that this is indeed, my hill! The money has already been wired to my account… sorry, back off you two…


Using a suppressed automatic gun to silence us? I thought you were the Piano Man. :thinking::wink: