Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Warhorse Studios, led by Mafia designer Daniel Vavra, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for a realistic open-world Medieval RPG with no fantasy elements.

Warhorse are promising a completely unique experience - a medieval RPG based on real history with no magic, monsters or dragons. “Expect a blend of the open-world style gameplay of Skyrim, the narrative styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, the visceral and challenging combat of Dark Souls and the setting of Mount and Blade, powered by the Cry Engine”.

Fuck yes. I’ve been dreaming of something like this since I was a child. I really hope it secures enough funding to see the light of day!


Well they already got three times the funding they set as their minimum back in Februrary, however since most of their claims are puffery and they’ve been involved in some atrocious behavior I’m not putting any high hopes on this.


Naturally I would love if they could do that, but it’s very easy to just say that this is what we will, than to actually accomplish something like that. But if they have triple funding already, then it’s just Waiting Game time. Let’s see if they can match their game title, Deliverance…


Fuckin’ awesome! Love the medieval setting.
@Jarbinger what behavior?


Well they are one of the few games studio to openly and unconditionally support GamerGate (including, hilariously offering Adam Baldwin work as a voice actor).

Which is particularly worrying given that their fanbase went apeshit over a third party suggesting the idea of including non-white characters in it:


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You missed that post where you claim that Vavra is involved in some “atrocious behavior” (without any proof of course). That is also gamergate discussion, totaly unrelate to the game. I’m not surprised though.


Have you played any Hitman games?

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GamerGate Discussion

Hm… can this game be as good as The Witcher 3, either way, i like what i see so far :smiley:.

Just clicked on this new tweet from Playstation and i liked what i read and had to watch videos of this game.


In short, no.

In long, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Hahaha, could you explain why? But it dosen’t mean everything and i like what i see so far :blush:.

Different is good :smiley: i hope it is a good and unique game :smiley:.

Looks good and if the gameplay like mission is as good as the world, this game could then be a really good surprise next year :smiley:.


I don’t think it can be compared to The Witcher 3. They’re going more for a realistic experience for the player set during medieval times. Looking at some videos released and promises, it would appear that the game is going to be visually amazing. Then again, we don’t know how it’s going to be during release. It’s definitely going to be different to what we are used to!

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GamerGate Discussion
GamerGate Discussion
GamerGate Discussion

Oh, and have a look at this video which delves into and details the art and design of the game as it stands.

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I’m very, very hyped for this game. While the Witcher 3 is awesome and everything most people want in a game, I could never personally get into it because I generally prefer human enemies, and there aren’t that many of those in TW3. The setting of Bohemia is perfect for a medieval game, and the combat looks well done and realistic. The animations are very poor in the beta, so hopefully they’ll do something about that, but all in all I’m very excited for this game and think it has potential to be excellent.

(Also, I hadn’t heard of Warhorse’s involvement in GamerGate before now; they seemed like a decent studio before but I’ve lost any respect for them now.)

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Aw man, but the Witcher does monsters so well. It makes combat so intense and fun. I’m in the sam boat as you when it comes to human enemies and I’ve never liked monsters, but the Witcher 3 is just so damn perfect with how they do it. Did you give it a real chance or stop too early?

And because you’re a witcher with magic powers, fighting humans would have been weak in tw3. That’s why it works so good in it, the magic does justice.

Anyways, as for this game here, is it all in first person? Looks cool but I didn’t see any 3rd person play. Not really into that perspective. Combat always feels awkward for me in 1st person unless it’s a shooter.

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Yeah their lead developer is a gamergater, Trumpeteer right wing conspiracy theorist who went and offered a voice acting role to that Adam Baldwin guy for no other reason than he came up with the “gamergate” name. Seems like a thoroughly shit bloke and I won’t be supporting him with my money.


I’m the opposite, love first person view and don’t like 3rd person view that much, The Witcher 3 in 1st person view would be great: The Witcher 3 in 1st person.

What RPG game studios could do, is to let us have the option to choose.
But i don’t think we can expect that from Warhorse Studio, it is a small studio with ca 60 employees.


Apparently when it comes to that option, and it has been done before, they don’t translate well. Because 1st person movement is totally coded and animated differently that the 1st person version makes 3rd person not work(play) properly.

Games like fallout 4, h1z1, battlefront, and even blood money, you can see how movement and animations don’t work the same like a true 3rd person game. So I personally would not want that because the 3rd person perspective will suffer. And this is why there was no 1st person in H6.


Yup! However, GTA V does both views surprisingly well in this regard.


Release date is February 13th, really hoping this turns out well. I always have to pretend to be a nobody in these types of games, because all of these open-world rpgs always push forward the narrative of you being this grand, important figure. Doing some reading, this game apparently does a good job of just letting you truly be a nobody if you wish. That’s exciting to me.

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