Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I hope so too :smiley:.

And we have to live with the decisions and action we do in the game, i really hope this is a good game, close up to Witcher 3 at least :flushed:.

GamerGate Discussion


Nice brief portrayal of game mechanics before release!

I wonder where all the hate comes from already (comments in the video). The game looks pretty good, offers several mechanics, and tries to mimic real life to a great extent. And we all know that there’ll be updates post release to iron out bugs, amongst other things. I don’t understand what people get out of making savage and stupid comments - If you don’t like what you see, just don’t buy the game and move along if you don’t have anything useful or sensible to say.


I have no idea, there are a lot of gamers that like anticipating a game’s failure. They latch onto things they don’t like, and use it as a point to bury it into the ground as hard as they can. With this, people keep commenting on combat and graphics. I think there’s also a factor of rpg fans beig upset at the very idea of something new competing with something they love from the past.


Agree, no one knows if this game is great or not, i’m looking forward to see some playthroughs of this game rather than read the reviews.

Never heard of Warhorse Studios before, but the founder is Daniel Vavra, former writer and game designer of 2K Czech and Martin Klima, former producer of Altar Games, Codemasters, and Bohemia Interactive.


I wish it wasn’t 1st person. :disappointed:


I’m really looking forward to this game! Going to stream it when it comes out in 2 days time!


Will be waiting for a few livestreams to judge how I feel about it. I’m not fired up by it but I’m intrigued to see how it plays out.


Good Plan! This game is written and directed by the same guy (Daniel Vavra) who wrote and directed Mafia I and II. Two of my favourite games ever! I think it will have a kick ass story. He is known for being extremely authentic when it comes to gameplay and story-telling.



Haha the thumbnail is Vavra


One more day till release?


As far as I’m concerned today is release, digital purchases activate at midnight. (!!!)


ive read about the day one patch being 35GB big :kissing:


Gotcha, now ima wait 3 years till it’s on sale. Lol I rarely buy new games.


Thankfully, the patch is included in pre-load.


Really waiting for the reviews - if they are good enough, I’m buying the game!


I just want to wander around these damn woods.


Map size, compared to Skyrim


The final trailer before release!