Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I’ve just streamed the first two hours of gameplay on Twitch! It’s a pretty cool game with amazing visuals! Combat is a little clunky for my liking though - might be because I’m not used to it just yet. I’ll be uploading my stream to Youtube in a few hours for anyone who is interested.


With you there, game is beautiful and I’m really digging the dialogue, story and exploration. When it comes to combat, so far I’m having much better luck with the “knock people out from behind” approach :stuck_out_tongue:

Game needs sensitivity settings, camera on consoles feels like Fallout 3.



Aaaaand it’s a good game that matched expectations! YEAH BOIIIIII


So its worth getting as is or? Because I’ve seen a lot of people complain about voices not playing and it feeling like a 80% finished game.

I reaaaaaaally want it! :open_hands: but don’t want the immersion to break when they speak without any sound.


Well, in the morning I saw a gif of a guard making a jump kick from a distance of 10m over a moat and then moonwalk in the air, but who knows how common these things actually are.




I think it’s the kind of “Immersive and good for roleplaying but buggy as fuck” game. A la Bethesda. Ok maybe a bit less buggy than Bethesda. But reviews were good,so I’m getting it,I have been craving for some medieval game for a while now.


A kick to surpass Metal Gear

Shit I didn’t know the Cloakers from Payday 2 had found a new job.



I was planning to replay Oblivion when I heard about Kingdom Come. So it couldn’t be a better timing for the release, IMO.


Same! And I got into it,then I decided that I would wait for a new game to get my fix once I heard of Kingdome Come. It really sounds like an open game where you can truly do whatever you want! Also,small sidenote,kinda crazy how between Oblivion and Skyrim the latter gets all the recognition. I,honestly,without nostalgia goggles and having loved both of them,think that Oblivion has more depth and is a better game. It has a lot more openess to it,too.


Lmao :joy: that’s really funny man


Yeah the forests don’t look anything like that anymore lol


Save mechanic that consumes your “Saviour Schnapps” potion is incredible.

Instead of relying on good old quick save/quick load cheese, you actually have to deal with consequences or sacrifice limited potion at the points you deem to be worthy of a save.

You still can save by sleeping in a peaceful situations which makes potion saving not annoying.


I am surprised to see the first comment on this unique feature being positive in this forum. Personally, I like this kind of save feature implementation too. But, so far, I’ve only seen this feature berated in other forums.


I’d agree the save system would be cool… if the game worked properly. Right it’s way too fucking buggy and quests can easily break so i’d just use the Save Anywhere mod until they patch up the game a bit.


The only way I can agree with berating this feature is, like BernardoOne already mentioned, when the game is not yet working reliably in terms of bugs and optimization.

Otherwise, it’s a gulp of fresh air in times of videogames that forgive you for everything.


Absolutely! It’s a neat feature. I like the unique fast travel implementation too.


I just bought this game now, so i’m downloading it to my PS4 :grinning:, i have watched several walkthroughs on YouTube and i like what i see, so i have to try this game for myself :blush:.