Knights of Sgail - another easter egg?

Ok, who are these guys?

I completed the “kill-them-all” “challenge” on Island of Sgail. Originally it was unintentional, I was trying to complete those ones in one run:
Making Waves – Dump 47 NPCs into the sea
Tis But A Scratch - Kill a target with the broadsword while disguised as a knight.
Egg On Your Face - Knock out 6 NPCs with filigree eggs.
All The King’s Men - Kill all elite guards while disguised as a knight.
Spade Knight - Pacify 10 people with the shovel while disguised as a knight.
None Shall Pass - Blend in while disguised as a knight on all plinths.
King Of The Castle - Throw the twins from the penthouse balcony.

But at one moment it appeared that I killed, knocked out or drowned every single NPC on the map. All guards were among the first but than in the Instinct mode I noticed that there are some other guards standing still in certain places of the map. I went to investigate and was very surprised to see the knights with rifles standing on the plinths. They were not reacting to distractions, but immediately react to me as a hostile when seeing me. Some of them were knockable and strangleable, but others not. The biggest surprise was that I needed 6 rounds of shotgun to kill each of them. For those knockable ones the easiest way was to strangle them with a fibre wire…

Anyway killing all 8 knights doesn’t seem to trigger any hilarious event in style of IOI, like a swimming Kthulhu beyond the icebergs or an extra exit point. So I wonder if we need something else to trigger it. Anyone ready to repeat the kill-em-all challenge to try it? :slight_smile:

The Isle of Sgail is the only Hitman location that offers us so many mass murder challenges. So the devs predicted I think that we could finally come up to killing all NPCs on the map and kept an easter egg for us. But it needs further investigation and trial. For example try not to hide the unconsious (like I did) but kill 'em.

NB: to be disguised as a knight seems not to be mandatory, the first part of the game completing the “Making waves” challenge I was disguised as a guard.

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Pretty sure this has already been posted in another thread, not bothered to check though

Can confirm this happened to me too after killing every NPC on professional. I can also confirm that not all NPCs were dead, as some bodies had been hidden after being subdued.

I presume it’s to add a funny extra test to the “None Shall Pass” challenge seeing as there’s a knight for every armour blend location. IO must have figured that some people would use the “just murder everyone” route to complete the challenge, rather than the disguise juggling option.

Posting this here because I was looking for how this activated. Happened to me just going through trying to complete some challenges that I was unable to do because I didn’t know locations of certain items. Coins was one of them. So i starting killing everyone to find them. I was playing as the butler throughout most of the killing except where I had to change to complete tasks or certain other challenges.

Both of these have been posted in the designated easter egg thread