Knocking out and taking disguises

What happens to the AI when you take a knocked out character’s disguise and
he is found?
For example, if you knock out the muffin serving man in Whittleton Creek and
take his uniform. After he is awoke he runs right to the Muffin ladies house
and stands right next to the closet on the first floor.
Perhaps waiting for a new outfit, lol.

Very convenient if you are already there waiting for him.
But even if you are not in the closet he still runs there.

Is this the way it is supposed to happen?
I have not tried it in other locations.
It is like you left a breadcrumb trail for him to follow.

Will they follow you to whatever location you are in or do they
just have a default location?

Generally an NPC will notice they are half-naked and go and find somewhere to change into a replica outfit, no matter whether that location is logical. Helmut gets changed in a gardening shed!
After that they will either resume their regular routine or enter a kind of ‘shocked’ routine for the rest of that particular playthrough. Silvio’s butler, for example, sits quietly in an armchair.

Hilarity can ensue if something happens to interrupt these new cycles. If an awoken bodyguard immediately encounters an emergency, he may just deal with it in his underpants, as I found when playing Paris.


Not my vid. But skip to 11:25 for one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in a Hitman video.


Happened to me to take the Shaman disguise but leave his body and the traveler’s there knocked out in the open.
I didn’t know that the meditating/under drugs travelers around the fire ever woke up. I thought these bodies would never be found, but travelers probably woke up and saw the Shaman laying down.

Then when I came back to that place disguised as Shaman, I got really confused and surprised to see the original Shaman walking around in is Shaman clothes, and we were both Shamans in the same place where there should be only one. After a while I realized what happened, but it was pretty funny.

This video left me speechless.

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