Lagging is now everyday problem after mods arrived

Last couple of days enormous lagging all the time PS4. Every location, every clock time. I hope IOI will do something about this serious problem???

Are you saying that you’re lagging while playing the modded contracts? The old generation consoles can’t handle that many dead bodies at the same time. All the items that are dropped on the ground are also affecting it.

If you’re lagging outside of the modded contacts then that’s not because of the few modded kill everyone contracts.


This sounds sus. Kill Everyone contracts on old generation consoles and low budget PCs only affect performance whilst playing said contracts. No indication or logical explanation to why they should affect it outside the modded kill everyone contracts.

If you are playing on the base PS4 try cleaning your fan or something. I hear that heating affects gameplay issues, if for instance there is much dust that results in the console not being able to cool down.


Yeah, like people said above, most likely there is two reasons of that might happening:

  1. You’re playing recently made contracts that have enormous amount of targets and your hardware can’t handle it. There are some of contracts in the game that nobody even can’t launch, apparently because of game engine limits, even not because ones device limits.
    Solution: pick the contracts more carefully

  2. Your device is overheating due to some hardware problems.
    Solution: do a device maintenance