Landslide electrouction bug

So, I’ve had an experience with an elimination bug on Miami with the ‘tree falls on the apple’ challenge where Robert Knox falls on sierra’s car then the cutscene freezes and the game crashes; then last night I was playing Landslide, I was dressed in a stage crew disguise and sabotaged the stage; when the target was on the stage I threw a remote shock explosive to electricity the water on stage, the cutscene played but about 2 seconds after eliminating the target the game freezes and crashes. idk if anyone else is experiencing this problem but I hope ioi can fix this.

Do the stage kill without bringing an item from your inventory.

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how’s that possible? when flooding the stage and tampering with the panel in the back it doesn’t electrify the stage, and there doesn’t appear to be anything near the stage to use to electrify the stage.

You can expose the electrical wire with a screwdriver or a pistol shot, when there is water, anyone who walks through will get electrocuted.

And for your issue, make sure to post it again to this thread instead. Doing so can increase the chance of IOI seeing this and further fixing your issue. Don’t forget to mention which platform you play on. :wink:

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You could also follow the Stage Fried mission story.

that’s what I was doing.

Are you sure? Do it again and follow the guide, you’ll see that bringing an item is not necesseary.

Expose the wire and increase the water pressure to flood the stage, the mission story will tell you the locations of both interactions.

yeah i know that, that is what I was doing.

After exposing the wire and flooding the stage, once the target walks on stage there’s one more thing to do – turn on the electricity feeding to the exposed wire.

This is an interaction located at the side of the stage, there’s a stage crew enforcer who goes back and forth between this interaction and another spot.

See here:

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