Late to the Hitman party, need a little setup advice


Basically I have been away from video games completely for years, I know nothing about modern gaming, and I only want to play the 2016 Hitman game and its immediate sequel. My computer is for work only so that’s out. So which system should I get: a playstation 4 or an Xbox One? (I assume those are the only choices.) I have no interest in any other game. I also need to buy a TV (LOL). Is there a minimum screen dimension or resolution? Can you connect gaming systems to computer monitors instead?

I would prefer a system that doesn’t require a constant internet connection, if possible. No interest in multiplayer or any of that. I have money so that’s not really an issue, although obviously I don’t want to buy anything I won’t use. I’ll sell it all when I’ve played them out, unless this series continues I guess.

If you can help, thanks.

Welcome! Well we’ll try to help how we can

Not in luck with Hitman 2016/18 then. Requires an internet connection for a lot of stuff

Yeah, modern consoles connect to anything with a HDMI port

Doesn’t really matter, it’s the same game on both :man_shrugging: I’d just go for the cheaper option if I were you


Curses! I was hoping I could just pop in a disc and play. I guess everything is streaming these days. That’s okay, I won’t let that stop me. Looks like a playstation is slightly cheaper. Is it a good time to buy a new console or should I wait until they release a new generation console and everyone is selling their old ones cheap?

Oh one more thing, does it really need a constant internet connection or is that just for periodic updates? Couldn’t I just connect a console to wi-fi for game patches and leave it offline the rest of the time?

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Challenges and unlocks will not work unless you are connected to IOI servers so to answer your question, yes and no. Technically you could play offline but than you are missing out on the majority of the game. Also I would just wait for the ps5 and Hitman 3 if I were you.


If I were in your shoes… I’d get or save for a PS5, then you can get the Legacy levels with Hiii.

…as other/s have mentioned before me.


If you have enough money, I’d recommend Xbox One X if you want to play them now and not interested in PlayStation exclusives because it’s the console that has the best performance for now. PlayStation 4 version of HITMAN 2016 offers six exclusive missions, but they’re not that great, and they’re not related to the main story.

Alternatively, you can wait until new generation consoles(Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5) release. They have better performance than current generation consoles(obviously). XSX has a better performance than PS5, but PS5 supports VR(requires PlayStation VR device, sold separately), which you can play with HITMAN 3(sequel of HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2). Prices of both consoles are yet unknown.

Note you can play H2016 levels inside of H2 with improved game mechanics by purchasing Legacy Pack. For more info, check out

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Thanks, this is all useful. I hadn’t even heard of an Xbox one X, but it sounds like that might be overkill, since I just want the basic game. Not too worried about maximum performance. So it sounds like I can just buy Hitman 2 or 3 when it arrives and this legacy pack and get all the missions.

Any reason the playstation-only missions aren’t that good? I still remember Aboslution and I didn’t like it because so many of the missions were running from the cops, too much like a bad action movie or just plain silly.

Just don’t add much to what’s in the main game (it’s 6 new targets in 6 main game locations) and they’re not that mechanically interesting. They’re called the Sarajevo Six

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Which Hitman games have you played before and which are all do you like out of them.

Hitman 2016 & 2018 (1&2) require constant internet connection. Even if you buy discs, the game will download patches from servers while installing first time. So you need internet with good network speed and data cap.
Once downloaded, you can technically play it as offline, but your progress wont be saved. You will not be able to unlock items and in game options like different entry and exit locations.
You will miss a lot without being online. Your game experience will be limited and at times frustrating.

Go for cheapest console (ps4 / xbox) + game price.

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I remember Blood Money, which was very fun, had nice environments and had an interesting story, although it quickly became too easy and as I recall the AI had some strange behavior. And I played the one before that, the one where it was always raining, I remember it was harder and it had massive levels that you could get lost in. I didn’t like most of the missions in the Absolution game because it was too different from those two, in most of them you were running from hunters all the time rather than eliminating targets. And I thought most of the levels were absurd. Sewers, mine shafts, robot factories, burning buildings, killer bondage nuns.

Everyone hates Absolution. Nobody considers it as a game from Hitman franchise.
New games HITMAN 1 & 2 are not exactly like Blood money or Contracts but they are in line with what Hitman franchise was. New games are huge and fun to spend time in. Great decision to come back. We all are eagerly waiting for Hitman 3 release.

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Read all the responses here. Leaning towards Playstation based on cost-efficiency, although I didn’t realize a new console and a new game were coming out so soon.

So it looks like buying the Gold Edition of Hitman 2 and then buying the downloadable game-of-the-year legacy pack should give me the majority of both games. Correct?

Yes.You will get most of both games this way.In HITMAN 2 you will get everything and by getting the legacy pack you will get the most imporatnt content from 2016.
I initially wanted to tell you to buy the original version of 2016,but then I changed my mind.
If you buy the legacy pack you will miss some of things from the original version.
I started to write a list of the things you would miss.
If you buy the original HITMAN 2016 you will get the legacy pack for free.So,I thought that you should buy the original because it gives you more advantages.
But,then I compared the prices of the original and of the legacy pack.It looks like like the legacy pack is way cheaper.Correct me if I am wrong.
So,forget about the advantages that the original offers.You won’t miss them too much and they aren’t too important.Buy the legacy pack.You will get the most important content from HITMAN 2016 and you will spend less money.
And even if you bought the original,the progress you would make in it wouldn’t carry on to the legacy pack.So,playing the original would have been a waste of time too.
Conclusion:Buy the gold edition of HITMAN 2 and the GOTY legacy pack.

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Okay folks, just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing opinions and advice. I went with the Playstation and Hitman 2, using a spare monitor instead of a TV, and have already tried the introductory mission; it’s downloading updates now (25 gigs of updates? wow.) Not wild about needing a constant net connection, but I’ll manage it. Using a game controller will take a lot of adjustment. I have to say video games have changed a lot since I last played them.

I’ve been locked down in the same neighborhood since Covid started. Been filling the time by reading and working out a lot which is nice, but I need something that’s purely for fun. This should do nicely!