Leaderboard suggestion

It would be better if the leaderboard screens included the name of the Contract so you would know which contract you saved a screenshot of.

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Like this?

If so, agreed.

absolutely what I was thinking… nice job

At the moment, in order to see if you’re #1 on the leaderboard you have to manually go into the contract and load the leaderboard which becomes tedious and time consuming if you’re checking multiple contracts. Any way a visual indicator could be added like this:

via an option in the menu settings? If the check mark is green you’re #1. If not, it’s white. Would really speed up the process of checking rankings without having to manually check everything. This would would work for everything that currently has a check mark (story missions, bonus missions, side missions, seasonal content, ALL player made contracts, etc.) And again, it would be optional.

Curious if anyone else cares about this. :joy:


I would like to see more distinctive indicator of completed contract irrelevant to whether I’m a leader or not.
Because this current white indicator sometimes hard to see, because it melds with contract image


Simple black outline for the box with the check mark, to make it stand out from a lighter color background?


Whatever that would be more noticeable.
I like your suggestion. It won’t go unnoticed :slight_smile:


I totally agree… I would like to have IOI make an option to be notified if you move down on a leaderboard… of course it would need to be customized for each leaderboard so that you are not inundated with notifications… especially when you have completed a contract or mission early on