Least favourite Hitman levels

Hi, basically I made this thread to see what people’s least favourite levels of the Hitman franchise are, for me they are:
Hidden valley/at the gates
Tunnel rat
Freedom fighters
Death on the Mississippi

Ps: I never played C47

Colorado from H1, those missions in Silent Assassin that were just about walking from one level to the next, both the Mississippi levels as well as most of the missions in Blood Money.

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Yeah, I don’t even remember Absolution tbh, and I got every achievement for it. That speaks to the game’s quality.

Least favorite levels have to be those build up levels to Hayamoto’s castle… enter the gate and hidden valley.

Those aren’t really Hitman levels IMO, just like absolution isn’t a Hitman game.

Worst sandbox level?

A lot of H2:SA. I don’t understand the love it gets. Some levels are good, some are extremely bad.

I’ll go Motorcade Interception, since the sniping expectations were ludicrous for that level.

EDIT: I have not completed C47. I will someday

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H2SA gets so much love bc for a lot of us it was our first hitman experience. It gets a lot of love bc of how difficult it was. It gets a lot of love bc of Jesper Kyds score and David Batesons voice acting set a really perfect tone for the game.

Was there even any other way to complete motorcade interception? I just remember it took me forever to figure out how to get the m4 out of the level. Haha good times.

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I saw video where guy was standing near the car, and when doors were opening, he shooted target through opened doors with silenced pistol. Still got SA though

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Hitman 2: SA defined the tone of the rest of the series if you ask me. It is still my favourite.

Least favourite level… probably the Colombian level in Codename 47 where you have to free a tribe’s member and obtain the idol from the plane wreckage. Near impossible.

The Assassination of Lee Hong from C47 was also incredibly challenging and frustrating.

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C47 - Return to Asylum (sorry, forget the name of level). First time I played it, I didn’t see those keys and didn’t notice that it’s possible to change in doctor’s disguise. When you know these two things, this mission became the fastest in game.

Didn’t make SA :c

Contracts - don’t like this game, so every level except Traditions of the Trade.

Blood Money - Curtains Down. Very linear mission - first you kill actor on the scene in four possible ways, than kill Delahunt in two possible ways.

Absolution - missions at the Dexter’s industries, from the entrance to the Patriot’s hungar. So many boring missions, where you just have to get to the next exit or kill some boring targets.

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Hawke’s Bay: I can’t believe Absolution haters doesn’t say anything to this mission since it’s similar to Absolution missions, finding trace about Shadow Client is ICA’s bussiness, 47 must only do killing part.

Whittleton Creek: You was worked for Providence , and when you want retire you find a suburbian house instead of well protected mansion like Rico Delgado’s mansion? Bullshit.

Entire Sarajevo Six: “PS4 Exclusive” crap, even ET’s was designed better than Sarajevo Six targets.

Japan missions in SA: Disguises are almost useless since everyone except snipers can see through your disguise. Also it’s stupid Hayamoto doesn’t check his son for bugs etc. when he has high level tech. Last, why the hell guards only check me IOI? This game took 87 point in Metacritic.

The Setup: AFAIK you don’t have to eliminate Kovacs and rescue Agent Smith to finish this mission, still IO doesn’t fixed that.

-Hidden Valley
-At the Gates
-Graveyard shift
-Motorcade interception

-The Wang Fou Incident

-Everything except Streets of Hope and Absolution

Hitman 1 & 2:
-ICA facility missions

Uh I have not played much of the old games so my list begins at BM.

BM: Death on the Mississippi
Death of a Showman
EDIT: Flatline
Absolution:All of it. No exceptions, no quarter and no mercy.
HITMAN 1:Colorado.

Honestly, any missions where there’s no target, instead just running away from hostiles to escape the level is really boring like Contracts’s Asylum Aftermath or Absolution’s Run For Your Life.

I also feel like I’m betraying my country, but Hawke’s Bay wasn’t that great, it was good for a tutorial level but I don’t think it was specifically necessary to put in a lot of challenges so you want to keep playing, because not a lot of people decide they’re gonna play the Kalvin Ritter or Jasper Knight missions in a hurry, mainly because they want the freedom. In my opinion, that’s one of the things that makes Hitman great, and why a lot of people say Absolution failed, but it’s mainly what you guys think.


Since its ‘Least Favourite’ levels I’m going to interpret it as not what I think is the worst or isn’t any good but as levels when I go back to playing the games I don’t really touch.

I’m not going to include any Absolution levels as I don’t really play it.

Same with the modern HITMAN 2 as I’m taking my time with it having only got it at Christmas.
(though I must say I quite enjoy playing Hawke’s Bay & have gone back to it.)

Hidden Valley & At the Gates, not so much for the levels themselves but because of frustrating ai for me at least.
(of the setup levels I quite enjoy Graveyard Shift)

Redemption at Gontranno
Not a big fan of ending the games with the kill everybody levels though I prefer Requiem to this.

From contracts I chose another last level
Hunter & Hunted
Just found this to be a bit repetitive.

From Blood Money
Death on the Mississippi
I think this is just a case of too many playthroughs for me. While other levels such as
A Vintage Year, A New Life & even Till Death do us Part I keep going back to

Honorable mention to Death of a Showman as its only touched on very rare occasions

All the remake missions in Contracts except for Traditions Of The Trade.


I can’t speak for C47 and SA because I haven’t played them in a LOONG time.

My least favourite is hidden valley. Boring and way too big. There are way too many guards and if they see you, you instantly get stopped and checked. It doesn’t help that silent assassin is old and that the guards have magic seeing through your disguise powers.

P.S the snipers are annoying as hell

I believe this thread covers latest games.
My least favourite levels are Colorado, Hawkes Bay and Isle of Sgail

Hidden Valley is definitely a nightmare - even using invisibility cheat, you’re still likely to get a “spotted”.

Although in a weird kind of way, being such a buggy and frustrating level also added to it’s “charm” … having to head straight for the tree line and behind the first outbuilding always bought an extra bit of tension before that first sniper spots you. And ninjas seeing through your disguise from 200m away? Totally realistic and not annoying in any way!

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These sounds still haunt me in my nightmares. Was so happy when I managed to beat all Hidden Valley levels SA for the first time - like closing a gestalt.

at least 20 characters

HC47: Honeslty everything that comes after Hong Kong levels except for Traditions of the Trade. Colombia, Rotterdam levels, the ending in the Asylum, none of it is Hitman.
H2: Everyone already mentioned it, Hidden Valley and At the gates. I also don’t like Tunnel Rat and Motorcade Interception.
HC: Definitely Bjarkov’s Bomb. The only way to get SA is to stand in one spot and glitch the AI. What were they thinking?
HBM: Death on the Mississipi, boring level, too many targets. I also don’t like Till Death do us Part.
HA: Dexter Industries, especially the beginning, where you have to go through barracks and caves. It shows everything bad about the game. No fun assassinations, no sandbox, the last 3 scientists are all just accident kills, plus for some reason at the very end the patients count as witnesses even though they look like they‘re completely braindead.

Not sure what are you talking about. Btw I dislike this level for endless running between the objectives.

Because of this bullshit I couldn’t finish the level suit only, highest rating. Jeez…