Lee Hong, Deus Ex


I’ve not played the earlier Hitman games, just these last two. I’ve seen the name Lee Hong, though. Is there a conceptual link between that Lee Hong and the one that appears in Deus Ex Human Revolution? I realise the time settings are very different and so on, just wonder whether it’s completely random given it looks like there are one or two other minor links between the games.


No they lucked out. Lee and Hong are common names in China with Lee being the second most common surname. (His name would most likely be Hong Lee)


thought it probably was just a common name but I quickly got the impression of links between the two, the obvious ones being use of Colt gun models and Hitman having some early augmentation type things. Anyway, off to work for me now . . .


Again Colt is a common brand and the Chinese military use the M1911 in their military from time to time


I just considered it as a happy homage.

Similar to the boy Duncan who offer’s “Duncan’s Donuts” with Dunkin Donuts flavors in the show THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTRY, JR.


Or a (probably) shitty clone of it, anyway.


A shitty clone of the M1911 is (ironically) an AMT Harballer. But yes clones of the gun are sold in China and converted according to the sources I traced from Wikipedia.