Lee Hong & Tzun

Hello Guys,

I just played the Lee Hong Assassination again, and when i brought Lee Hong the Soup (with Laxavativ) theres a cutscene, where Lee Hong & Tzun talk to each other in chinese, without subtitles. Does anyone knows what they talkin about?

Yes I also wanted to know that.

Found this Translation:

Tzun: why won’t you gamble with me?
Hong: how many times did we gamble? don’t waste your money!
Tzun: Uncle Wong said “fancy darling” will win, the odds are 18 to 1.
Hong: you tell uncle wong to go eat shit!
Tzun: but uncle wong won a lot of money.
Hong: no, zun, he’s winning your money!
Tzun: oh… next time I see him i will break his arms!


“Tzun, the chef who just brought me this looks suspicious…”
“Why, Mr. Hong?”
“Well, for starters we don’t have any Caucasians working for us, certainly not bald ones… and why is he standing there watching us?”
“I don’t know, Mr. Hong”
“What the- he looks just like those clones Ortmeyer was making from my DNA, you don’t think-”
“DN-what, Mr Hong?”
“You know what, you’re useless Tzun. Forget it. I’m probably paranoid. Taste the soup already.”


I guess Tzun is more like a “blowfish”

Whats a blowfish? I only know the dopefish from SA ^^

Watch breaking bad tv show so you could understand.


I love where this thread went already.

The best is yet to come… The spidey awaits…

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I like to strangle Lee Hong…