Lee Hongs Sniper

I remember there being a sniper rifle in Lee Hong’s basement, but I haven’t been able to locate it.

Could somebody please point out where to find out for me ?

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It’s near Agent Smith’s cell, behind a wall, on a wooden box


I found it, but unfortuantely it was not in a suitcase, as i was hoping for… kind of useless.

Yes it is, the R93. Its in a room with 2 guards if I’m not mistaken where you can also find some AK’s magazines

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it doesn’t have a suitcase with it though

No it does not have it. Just the rifle

Taking the sniper rifle with you is a guarantee that you won’t live to see the light of the day…
BTW, why do you need it???

right, it’s kind of pointless having it there, I was hoping to snipe Hong with it, but there is no way to get it to his safehouse undetected, unless I sneakily kill like 50 guards to make a path :stuck_out_tongue: I might try that

20 character limit

I did it ! :smiley:

will upload a video of it soon :slight_smile:

Well, you could just buy the sniper rifle in the beginning…

To snipe Lee Hong from the roof top when he goes to eat

Okay I personally went for the up close and personal approach, but whatever triggers your bullet, I suppose…:joy:

I’m planning a series where I play each mission with minimum expenses (buying the knife only)

I’m still not sure what to call it

any suggestions ?

The Frugal Hitman Experience
Hitman: Investing for Your Future

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Hitman : Deadly Edge
Hitman : Cold Steel
Hitman : Heavy Metal

here it is guys!

I used the rifle from the guards quarters after sneakily clearing a path to the vantage point.


Nice to see someone experimenting on the classicz. Keep up the work @Dr_Pentone

thanks buddy, I’m glad someone appreciates it.

I’m just having a short break right now because I’m moving house, but I’ll keep uploading in a few days.

I’m up to my favourite mission now, PRL.

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